James Bond Film ‘Spectre’ Causes Outrage in Rome Locals

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
James Bond Film ‘Spectre’ Causes Outrage in Rome Locals

Rome is known for its majestic monuments and scenery. However, the locals do not want its other side captured in James Bond film series’ latest installment “Spectre.” Read on for further details.

Leaks have shown Daniel Craig, playing as Agent 007, falling from a helicopter with a parachute onto the Ponte Sisto, a famous bridge created in 15th century and racing in a Fiat 500 near River Tiber while encountering the opposing organization.

The crew only had three weeks to shoot in Rome, but they have captured the Eternal City’s “grime” and “rubbish” with the broken barriers beside River Tiber, garbage, and graffiti-loaded benches, stairs and walls. In an interview by The Independent of the campaigners, director Sam Mendes can possibly present the city management’s flaws

According to the Christian Post, local leaders protested despite the film crew’s assurance that the country would be captured in a controlled manner. Culture minister Federica Galloni said that Rome’s landmarks are very fragile for intense scenes such as car chases. Galloni suggested CGI, but the crew desired for a more realistic approach. 

The Ponte Sisto scene is offensive for the religious leaders because it has sentimental value to Pope Innocent X. The locals believe that the Popes lover, Donna Olimpia Pamphili, haunts the bridge every night. Complaints led to an all-out protest.

In the Basta Cartelloni blog, photos of scenes to be presented in the James Bond film are shown. The writer asked rhetorically if the film will restore Romes historical image or uphold tourism.

Mendes is reported to be pressured in finding another location or creating another sequence because the helicopter scene is already finished. 

City Spokesperson Lucia Ritro announced before that Mayor Ignazio Marino was certain in cleaning the dirty areas before the film shoot started. She said that the film would present Rome to millions of viewers on November 2015.

“It has to be done and we’ll absolutely do it in time, working with the film production people, the council and the government,” Ritro told The Independent.

There you have it for the update on James Bond film, “Spectre.” For more updates about movies, including spoilers and reviews, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Chrisa Hickey


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