James Bond: Reasons Why Daniel Craig’s Bond’s Journey Could End With Spectre

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
James Bond: Reasons Why Daniel Craig’s Bond’s Journey Could End With Spectre
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Daniel Craig has been playing James Bond for more than a decade now. With four movies as Bond, many have hailed him as the best. Going by the current on-goings, it seems he will not be coming back for another movie.

While there has been no confirmation from his side, there are reasons as to why his journey could end as Bond. Keeping those details in mind, here are some reasons. Read on for more details.


Daniel will be 49 this year, which means he is getting old to play Bond. He could portray the role in one more movie. But, after that, the makers will need a younger actor for the role. Considering a younger actor will be able to adapt to the hectic work schedule better, Daniel Craig’s last movie as Bond could indeed be his last.


Craig’s comments about slashing his wrists were quite clear enough. He did say that he would miss being Bond later. But, his first comment indicates that he is tired of the role.

Eventually, the studio had to intervene. They might ask him to not make such comments about the role. If Daniel is indeed too tired, it would be better for the makers to look for an alternative.

Spectre’s End

The way Spectre ended, it could be hinting at something. In the movie, Craig’s Bond leaves Blofeld alive so that M can take him in. He, later on, leaves with Madeline Swann.

With Bond not killing his archenemy, chances are he has given up the life of an assassin. If this theory holds true, then the makers could certainly get a successor for Craig. The new Bond will now take the story forward.

No Details

As mentioned before, there has been no confirmation from the actor or from the studio’s side about the next movie. While the producers are looking to make it, Daniel Craig is yet to give his nod to the upcoming project. With neither him nor the studio making any comments, chances are they have already spoken about him not reprising the role and moving on from it.

James Bond Contenders

If Craig is really not coming back, there are some contenders that have been lined up by bookies to replace him. Amongst the contenders are Aidan Turner, Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy. While none of these men have addressed the rumors of becoming the next Bond, bets on them have been pretty strong right from the beginning.

The Week UK reported that X-Men: Apocalypse star Michael Fassbender is now reportedly the top choice for the role of Bond. While he himself has rejected these claims, he believes a younger actor should be cast in the role. It remains to be seen who ends up becoming the next James Bond. Bond 25 does not have a release date yet.

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