James Bond: Reasons Why Justice League Star Henry Cavill Can Be A Good Bond

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
James Bond: Reasons Why Justice League Star Henry Cavill Can Be A Good Bond
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James Bond is an iconic role. Currently rumors suggest that Bond producers want Daniel back in the role. But since there has been no confirmation from his side as to whether he will be back in the role or not, it still opens up a possibility to get another actor for the role.

Out of all the contenders, Henry Cavill is one that fits perfectly in the role. There are many reasons as to why Cavill can make a good Bond and here are few.


There are many contenders for the role of Bond but Henry is one that truly looks like the spy. His looks have managed to win fans globally and Bond is one role that could really do wonders for his career.

Apart from his looks, he has the physique and charm that Bond has had in other movies and novels. Though it is not as important for the portrayal, being charming does help in playing the role.

Spy role

Henry has experience playing a spy before. He starred as Napoleon Solo alongside Armie Hammer in The Man From U.N.C.L.E and that portrayal was well accepted by fans.

There were fan made trailers that depicted how Henry would look if he were to be chosen for the role of Bond. Also since he was once shortlisted for the role along with Daniel, his turn to play the spy could come now.


Another important factor that the makers will be looking at the next actor to play Bond would be age. Daniel is nearing fifty, which means he will soon hang up his boots. Henry will be thirty-four this year, which puts him in the right bracket to play the role of Bond. Given his age, he will be able to play the role of Bond for at least a decade till the makers find another actor.

Since Daniel was thirty-nine when he was cast in the role, if Henry gets picked now, he would have more time to play Bond in multiple movies.


Independent reported that Henry put his name in the ring a while back when he was asked if he would like to play Bond. He was at a talk show when he mentioned that he would love to do a role like Bond. Though he already plays Superman in DCEU, according to him it would be awesome if he gets to play Bond too simultaneously. It remains to be seen who the producers choose as the next Bond.

James Bond will return in Bond 25.


Photo source: Facebook/James Bond 007

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