James Bond ‘Spectre’ Latest Behind the Scenes Video Shows Confessions in Making the Mexico Opening Scene!

By Jerone Cruz | 3 years ago
James Bond ‘Spectre’ Latest Behind the Scenes Video Shows Confessions in Making the Mexico Opening Scene!

It has been a while since the “James Bond” franchise released a trailer promoting the dashing but dangerous 007 Spy, which is currently being played by Daniel Craig. But just two weeks ago, Columbia Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer released the second “Spectre” trailer which showed a very stunning opening scene in Mexico. Not long after the trailer’s public presentation, a video blog was released showing the vastness and complexity of the Mexico scene which will surely entice and satiate not just the visual appetites of the audience but also garner their respect.

In the video blog, director Sam Mendes admits and boasts that the opening scene for “James Bond: Spectre” is the most tantalizing, in terms of visuals, in the entire history of the Bond franchise. In the video, he explains the reason why he decided to use such a very aesthetically  crowded and pleasing environment for the film’s first few moments. “I wanted the audience to be dropped right into the middle of a very specific, very heady and rich environment” Mendes said. “The Day of the Dead. Everywhere you look there is color and detail and light. We built floats and casts and the costumes are extraordinary. The craftsmanship is amazing,” Mendes continued, as reported by James Bond Lifestyle.

Aside from the director, the Bond movie’s costume supervisor, Kenny Crouch, ensures the people who are going to watch the movie will be treated to a more traditional and genuine method of creating extras. She boasts that the movie didn’t rely on any CGI magic in order to create people in the background. In fact, they hired over 1500 extras in the Mexico scene alone. Tracey Smith, Crown Hair Supervisor, added to the video by saying “I think the sheer number is quite daunting, it is a hell of a lot to get out. But the creative freedom in this has been amazing, it’s fantastic. To have it captured in a Bond film in an iconic opening scene is fantastic” as reported by Fashion & Style.

To add to the genuine feel of real people playing as extras, the producers of the latest 007 films decided to hire locals as extras to create another level of authenticity. The authenticity of the scene wasn’t just skin deep. “We went to Mexico and found amazing people there” said Jany Temime, costume designer, and continued “It is their country so they had to teach me. They worked for six months, but the results are breathtaking,” as reported by Cinemazzi.

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Photo Source: Facebook/James Bond 007

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