James Cameron Wins Avatar Copyrights Lawsuit

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Ah well, when there is a movie that grossed up to $2.78billion there could be other writers that suddenly start to feel their ideas were stolen – hell even I might start thinking like that. In reality though, it doesn’t matter what I think as long as its just me and no strong evidence.

So yes, Eric Ryder filed a lawsuit against Avatar director James Cameron alleging that his ideas were stolen and made into the movie we have come to love in the form of Avatar. To which Cameron has wittily responded:

“Sadly, it seems that whenever a successful motion picture is produced, there are people who try to ‘get rich quick’ by claiming their ideas were used.” Ah, that straightforwardness.

Nevertheless, Judge Susan Bryant-Deason of Los Angeles Superior Court has penned down her verdict in favor of James Cameron and his company Lightstorm Entertainment Inc. maintaining that the movie was independently created by the director. Adding that “K.R.Z. 2068” the story by Ryder was not stolen.

This not the first time this has happened though, back in 2012, Elijah Schkeiban lost a similar legal case against James Cameron for the same reason. His story, Butterflies and Bats was considered “not substantially similar” to that of Avatar’s.

Ryder had claimed that Lightstorm had him working on the project for 2 years asking him to develop his story into a science fiction 3D film. He further claimed that his idea was later scrapped but reused after he had been ditched.

A biography of Cameron published in 2009 on the other hand evidences that Avatar was written by Cameron himself back in 1996.

Ryder’s representatives still might appeal against the court’s ruling if their statement to the Times is to be taken seriously: “We respectfully disagree with the court’s ruling and we will be considering our options for appeal.”

So, the fun continues and we keep getting amused by it. Bring me more folks!

Source LATimes

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