James Gunn Was Interested In Making This Marvel Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
James Gunn Was Interested In Making This Marvel Movie
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James Gunn is a well-known filmmaker in the MCU. The director of Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel took an unknown Marvel property and turned it into a successful venture. But before the two movies could happen, Gunn was interested in making other movies for Marvel.

Gunn’s interest in making a Hulk/Red Hulk movie

Screen Rant reported that before he turned Guardians of the Galaxy into a successful venture, he wanted to make a Hulk/Red Hulk movie.

Gunn was interacting with fans on his Facebook account when he was asked about which movie he wanted to make before landing Guardians of the Galaxy. He mentioned that he was interested in a Hulk/Red Hulk film.

Whenever Hulk is discussed, fans automatically know that it would be full of destruction and action sequences. But put one of Hulk’s nemeses in the same movie, it just becomes better.

Red Hulk history

Red Hulk has a deep history in the Marvel universe. He has been known to fight for both the good side and the bad side. As mentioned above, he has been a primary enemy of the Hulk and has fought him multiple times.

But he has also fought alongside Avengers and was given a membership of the team. His powers are also slightly different than Hulk. He does have Hulk’s strength and abilities but he has a more strategic mind and can talk properly unlike Hulk who only utters a few words.

Red Hulk, over the years, has also fought other Marvel heroes. He once killed Silver Surfer after taking the cosmic power from him. He then managed to kill Namor, Doctor Strange, and others before Galactus snatched that power from him.

If he were to be in a Hulk movie, it would be an interesting storyline since both the raging monsters’ conflict is something that fans would love to see.

Origin of Red Hulk

When he was introduced in the comics, his actual identity was not revealed. He, later on, turned out to be General Thaddeus Ross, a central character in Hulk’s comics.

As an Army General, he has been obsessed with capturing the Hulk and has always been a Hulk hater. Part of it was because Hulk’s human form Bruce Banner was in love with his daughter Betty. The General’s obsession with Hulk grew when he found out that Banner was indeed Hulk.

He exposed himself to a combination of Gamma rays and cosmic rays because he wanted to fight the green monster. When he took the form of Red Hulk, he staged his own death and led everyone to believe that General Ross was dead.

Since then he has been using his powers to fight Hulk and his obsession has just gotten worse. Eventually when he was injected with a cure, he turned back to General Ross and was arrested by the Army for desertion.

Presence in the MCU

Now a good thing to note is that General Ross already exists in the MCU. He was recently seen in Captain America: Civil War. So if the makers were to plan a Hulk solo movie starring Mark Ruffalo, they could bring Red Hulk in it.

The General still seemed obsessed with the Hulk when he asked about Hulk’s whereabouts in the same movie. The makers could build up on this. His obsession could lead to Ross injecting himself with a combination of Gamma and Cosmic rays and turning into the Red Hulk.

He would then start looking for the green monster eventually clashing with him. The effects of Gamma and cosmic rays could start taking a toll on Red Hulk’s mind. It would be then on Hulk’s alter ego Banner to somehow stop Red Hulk and turn him back into his human form.

Hulk’s appearance in MCU

Hulk has been out of the MCU since Avengers: Age of Ultron. This year he will be back in the MCU with Thor: Ragnarok. After the Thor movie, he will also be in Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel.

Post that the makers would decide as to where does they want to take the character. Hulk’s next adventure Thor: Ragnarok will release on Nov. 3 and Avengers: Infinity War will release next year on May 4.


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