James Weds Girlfriend in San Diego

By admin | 4 years ago

According to people familiar with details regarding the wedding, LeBron James married his longtime sweetheart Savannah Brinson.

The Miami Heat star and winner of two NBA titles now has another ring to add to his collection, a wedding band.

One person familiar with the situation said 200 guests attended the ceremony. The wedding was held at a San Diego hotel on Saturday and as of yet the couple have not released details about the ceremony or reception that followed. The wedding culminated a three-day celebration hosted by the couple that concludes on Sunday with a brunch.

James who is 28 has been together with Brinson, 27, since the two were in high school. The couple has two sons.

Security was very tight surrounding the wedding as even some guests invited to the event were not clear on some of the specific details as the long awaited three-day event approached.

Guests were taken into the area where the wedding was held under tents not allowing any television coverage from helicopters hovering above. Some guests were given umbrellas to protect their identity upon arriving at the event.

On James’ guest list were team owner Mickey Arison, Erick Spoelstra the team coach and many of the MVP’s teammates including Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade.

While some people close to James, such as teammate Wade, tweeted he was in San Diego with Gabrielle Union his girlfriend for a wedding, no one released details, since one of the rules was no phones were allowed into the event.

Last spring, Brinson spoke with a news agency about her wedding. She said both were nervous but excited. James only discussed the wedding in very general terms, once saying his role was only to make sure his girlfriend received whatever she wanted on her special day, the wedding she has dreamed of for quite some time.

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