Jamie Dornan and His Sexy Abs on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ [WATCH VIDEO]

By Sandip Pal | 3 years ago
Jamie Dornan and His Sexy Abs on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ [WATCH VIDEO]

This video begins with Graham Norton saying: “Fifty Shades is opening everywhere and there is so much merchandising.” To which a rather serious Jamie Dornan quickly quips: “There is,” with a solemn yet grave look on his face.

Norton continues by saying that someone baked Christian Grey a cake. Meanwhile, every cast member of the film present on “The Graham Norton Show” looks startled. That’s when Norton asks everyone to take a look at the cake. Dornan says, “I have seen it online.”

Norton rises from his seat and says, “It is right here. this is it.” It is a huge cake with Dornan’s bare torso and unbuttoned jeans, revealing his underwear. He is holding a towel around his neck and looks seductive.

Norton then calls out to the lady who made it. Her name is Rose, and she sits in the audience and waves out to everyone. Norton naughtily remarks about the height of the cake, saying “You must have had a very tall oven” for baking such a huge cake. She revealed it took a team of four of them in the course of two to three weeks to bake the Christian Grey cake. Norton then calls the entire cast present on his show to come and look at the cake. He further adds, “We’re all allowed to eat it.” He picks up one of the “things” and puts it in his mouth because they all are edible. After a while, a very sharp knife is brought in by one of the girls and is handed over to Norton to slice the cake.

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