Jane Fonda To The Rescue: Wants Bill Cosby Behind Bars

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Jane Fonda To The Rescue: Wants Bill Cosby Behind Bars
Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda was not amused when she heard about the comedian Damon Wayans accusations against the women who were wronged by Bill Cosby. Read on for more details.

TMZ.com caught Fonda exiting the famed Craig’s Restaurant in Hollywood Monday night and asked her up front what she thought about the whole Bill Cosby brouhaha that has taken the world by storm. The lady looked surprised when she was told that Damon Wayans called the accusers “unrapeable” and shook her head. She told the videographers that this was really bad of him and declared that Cosby should be behind bars.

The veteran actress was one of the few actors who have come up front and agreed to talk about the incident. Two exceptions that stand out are Whoopi Goldberg and Damon Wayans who both chose to take a stand for Cosby insisting that the evidence be examined before the accusations are made. Fonda is remarkable in that she decided to take a stand for the wronged women. Always the feminist icon, Fonda was quick to come to the girls’ rescue after Wayans’ accusations.

Wayans has since taken to twitter to clarify his position on the affair. He has now somewhat softened his stance and is trying to tell his fans that while he has genuine sympathy for rape victims, he does think that some of the women accusing Cosby of rape are probably exaggerating.

The comedian told the press boldly, “Stop twisting my words!” He told the press to listen to the entire interview before they draw conclusions.

As more and more celebrities get drawn into the battle, one wonders how and when the whole thing will end. It is beginning to look like it might be slightly better for Cosby’s career and future prospects if the women took him to the court and have the whole evidence examined properly.

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