Jane the Virgin Midseason Finale Recap: Chapter Nine

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Jane the Virgin Midseason Finale Recap: Chapter Nine
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The latest episode of “Jane the Virgin” Season 1, Episode 9 “Chapter Nine,” brought in a lot of revelations about the characters. We finally found out the truth behind Petra’s identity as well as her mom’s, Rogelio’s true feelings, including Xo’s, Jane’s and Raf’s. Read on for the full recap.

Jane and Raf were two different human beings, and these differences were an issue for the couple. Luckily, these two were willing to set aside their differences and reach a compromise. However, things got complicated when Petra filed a custody lawsuit against Jane, claiming that she would be the legal guardians of any baby carried by a surrogate, which was signed by her and Raf.

This stressed her out because of course, she doesn’t want Petra’s hands on her child. Raf suggested that she will pay Petra off, but Jane didn’t want that. Instead, she wanted to team up with Michael to expose Petra that she’s only in it for the money. Reluctantly, Raf agreed, and Michael devised a plan to put a wire on Jane while she talks to Petra so they could easily catch Petra once she says something incriminating that they could use against her.

So Jane set off to her task to talk to Petra, but it didn’t go the way as they planned it because Petra played the opposite — it’s as if she knows that Jane had a wire on her that she even talked about her father who sent her and her mother to Germany while her father stayed behind and died. Jane was devastated, which is why she doesn’t want to lose anyone more in her life. It's the reason why she’s fighting for the baby.

Hearing all of these, Raf didn’t know this story after being married to the woman for years. She knew something’s up, and Jane finally agreed that they hire a private investigator to discover Petra’s real identity. As for Michael, he’s accusing Raf to be Sin Rostro and even told Jane about it. Of course, Jane didn't believe him, and she has other things in mind to worry about. Michael was determined to prove that Raf is Sin Rostro, so he asked his brother, Billy for help, who now works at the hotel.

They were able to break in Raf’s office. Just when they were finally about to gain evidence, they found Raf’s safe empty. Disappointed, Nadine was there to cheer him up. When they were about to get it on in the bathroom, a secret passageway was revealed. Something was accidentally pressed, which opened the passageway.

Now, we learned who Petra really is. The truth was she’s not the real Petra. The Petra that she’s trying to portray has long been dead. She had an ex-boyfriend who was very dangerous, and that’s where Ivan came in the picture and offered her to go undercover. This ex-boyfriend of Petra was the one responsible for Magda’s state now. He threw hydrochloric acid at Magda’s face accidentally, which was supposed to be thrown at Petra’s. Magda got hit by a car after she was attacked.

Aside from her fierceness, Magda never blamed her daughter for what happened to her. Well, there’s a good side of her that we never thought existed.

Jane and Raf confronted Petra about what they’ve found out, and Petra was caught off guard.

Meanwhile, Rogelio didn’t win the Best Actor award, which disappointed him, especially that she brought along Alba, Jane and Xo. Nevertheless, he had a surprise for Xo. Paulina Rubio, a Mexican pop star and Xo’s idol. When Xo saw her at the after-party she was beyond thrilled. She didn’t miss the chance to talk to her, and she started telling her about her dreams of becoming a singer. Paulina encouraged her, and Xo was more than pleased. It turned out that Rogelio asked Paulina to do it so Xo can have more faith in herself and pursue her dreams because he knows that she’s got what it takes. 

Jane tried to encourage her mother to pursue her feelings for her father, but Xo was still doubtful. And the shocker for the midseason finale of “Jane the Virgin”? Well, Magda, turned out, can get really violent because when Alba went up to Petra’s room to give her a piece of her mind, she came face-to-face with Magda. She ran away because Magda was getting so crazy. However, Magda got to her and pushed her down the stairs. And after that, she sat down on her wheelchair again as if nothing happened. 

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"Jane the Virgin" returns on Jan. 19, 2015.

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