Jane the Virgin Season 1 Finale Recap: Chapter 22

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Jane the Virgin Season 1 Finale Recap: Chapter 22
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The season finale of “Jane the Virgin” Season 1, Episode 22 “Chapter 22” delivered some shocking twists! Although we are not surprised because hey, it’s a telenovela after all.

Jane has other things to take care of before she gives birth – her graduate school, and apparently she missed the application. However, she’s determined to pursue it so she went to the school to argue her case. Prior to that, she had false labor, which made Raf panic and Michael was there, too. She was upset to hear them arguing so she decided to go on her own. Raf caught up to her and told her his real feelings for her but Jane didn’t easily but it and left him. And then there was Michael who told him that he wants to be more than friends but Jane let it slip that she does too but Raf is her first choice.

Meanwhile, Rogelio and Xo were at Vegas for a show and Jane headed to her school. And that’s when her labor started. At first, she thought it was only false labor and even took the bus home but at the bus her contractions intensified and had the bus driver take her to the hospital.

Once there, Raf immediately came to her side while Xo and Rogelio argued because they can’t be there yet for Jane’s labor. Luckily, right on time they arrived before Jane pushed Baby Mateo out.

While all of these are happening, Petra found out that Raf’s sperm were actually split in two and decided to keep the other one for herself. Raf also wants to make Petra leave the hotel by buying her out but Petra overheard this, which is also why she kept the sperm for herself.

Also, Nadine managed to escape out of her cell because Michael left his keys and now she have made things worse because she had Baby Mateo kidnapped! And Rogelio and Xo are now married after a drunken night at Vegas and there is a proof for that: their wedding video.

What did you think of the season finale of “Jane the Virgin?” What do you think is going to happen next season? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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