Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter Eight

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter Eight
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In “Jane the Virgin” Season 1 Episode 8 “Chapter Eight,” Jane has finally revealed to Raf her big secret. How did Raf take it? Read on for the full recap.

First off, Raf came back from Mexico after two weeks since he got fired. It turned out that his father fired him because he used the money for Luisa’s malpractice. He set off to Mexico because they have a hacienda there to find Luisa, but to no avail.

When he got back, he met with Jane, and their emotions were running high. They almost did, it but Jane came up with an excuse because she needs to go to court, and she can’t tell Raf about her virginity yet — perhaps later that day. As for Raf, he asked for his job back, and his father agreed on one condition — he will now work for Lachlan, and Lachlan has also taken aboard his ex-wife, Petra. Of course, he now has to work for her too. Oh, the irony! This is going to be really interesting, though.

When they got to court, Luisa walked in wearing a dress and looked like she just came back from Peru, where she just had some spiritual healing. Then Jane and Raf went out to dinner, and Raf was ranting about his work when they were interrupted by the server who brought food over to their table, which was sent by someone in the same restaurant who addressed it to “Jane the Virgin.”

Jane was left with no choice but to drop the bomb and tell Raf that she’s still a virgin. Unfortunately, he didn’t take the news well, especially when Jane told him that she intends to keep her virginity until she marries, and the date didn’t end well. Raf got some more drinks at the bar and met a woman there, and they ended up in bed together. To make matters worse, Jane was sent to bring drinks to their hotel room.

Things took a bad turn in Xo’s life as well. She may be dating a hot soccer player and has finally caught the attention of an all-star music producer, but then she doesn’t feel the sparks with the man she’s currently dating. She also found out that Rogelio tipped off the producer to give Xo a chance. When it comes to sparks, she really has them with Rogelio.

Meanwhile, Luisa was ready to come clean to her father and profess her love for his wife, Rose. However, Rose took a step ahead, and it was revealed that Raf and Luisa’s mother suffered a mental breakdown. This angered Luisa that she nearly choked Rose to death, and because of that, she got locked up in a psychiatric hospital. Oh, things were going so bad for Raf’s sister.

As for Petra, she’s still scheming, and she’s making Lachlan fall in love with her again. Her plan was unfolding pretty well so far. Lachlan even told her that he’s going to delete their sex tape, but he didn’t.

Let’s go back to Raf who’s now intent to prove to Jane that he’s no longer a womanizer and even told her that he doesn’t remember getting into bed with someone else, and he’s not even sure if they did it. Of course, this was so unconvincing to Jane, but then the woman showed up in her school to talk and told her that she’s been paid off to drug Raf and pretend that they had sex.

Raf found out about this and still insisted to apologize to Jane. However, Jane wasn’t really up to fix their relationship and get back together. But Raf wouldn’t give up.

“I’m going to fight for you, too. Jane, this is hard. I’ve been doing everything backwards. We’re having a baby and then we’re going on our first date. But I want to be with you, and I’m not giving up.”

As for Michael, their lead to solving the crime has gone awry when their suspect mysteriously disappeared.

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