Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter Eleven

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter Eleven
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Jane got into an accident and so is Michael, plus Raf took matters into his own hands by trying to get to the bottom of the secret tunnels at his hotel. Read below for the full recap of “Jane the Virgin” Season 1, Episode 11 “Chapter Eleven.”

Jane faced a dilemma in her career when Sister Margaret finally offered her a full-time job at the school. Of course, Jane should accept but then things got complicated. Her father, Rogelio offered her a job to be an intern on the writer’s team on his telenovela. Jane didn’t see this coming and she’s doubtful of her screenwriting skills but Rogelio assured her that talent runs through her veins. It was hard for Jane to make a decision so what she did for the meantime was juggle three jobs, the hotel, at the school and at her father’s.

Aside from that, Jane’s also thinking about her mom and Rafael because they are not getting along. Xo isn’t thrilled that her new beau is Rafael especially with Michael’s proclamation of love last episode. She’s still Team Michael. As for Michael, he’s still rooting for him and Jane to get back together even though he’s already doing it with Nadine.

Rafael who was prompted by Rose decided to start meeting with contractors regarding the secret tunnels in the hotel. However, things didn’t go well even when Raf tried to bribe the contractor, the contractor just took the cash and ordered him out of the warehouse. Michael was observing the whole thing from his car and took matters into his own hands. He got inside when he got assaulted by the contractor and was sent to the hospital because he sustained some injuries.

Jane got into a car crash again but don’t worry because she and the baby are fine. In fact, she felt the baby’s first kick at the hospital! And finally, Raf and Xo saw eye-to-eye when they both agreed that Jane shouldn’t be taking too much especially at this stage of her pregnancy. Jane also learned that Michael was in the hospital and went to visit him. She also confronted him about her feelings for him giving him the notion that he shouldn’t wait anymore for her because she’s going to be with Raf. Of course, Michael just wouldn’t give her up just like that. The bad thing, though was Nadine overheard their exchange and got so mad. She reported Rafael to their supervisor telling him what Rafael did who worked without an order from their superior. Oops.

Xo, on the other hand, has finally admitted to Rogelio her celibacy plan and Rogelio understood. Also, we learned that Dina Milagro, one of the writers of Rogelio’s telenovela lied about Jane’s potential as a writer because she wants someone else to take the lead role.

Petra confessed to Lachlan about Milos and her fear of being discovered by him. She told him that Milos would send her yellow business tulips. It signals his return from a business trip. Later this episode, she received a bunch of yellow tulips.

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