Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter Five

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter Five
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In “Jane the Virgin” Episode 5 Chapter Five, Jane was still furious at her mother for keeping her father a secret from her. She went out of the house and chose to spend the week with her fiancé, Michael. The exchange between Jane and Xio was heartbreaking, but Jane was determined not to forgive her mother that easily.

Billy, Michael’s brother, stopped by at his place to bribe him to leave Jane alone. This made us wonder what the hell Billy has to do with Jane? Meanwhile, Raf offered Petra a settlement for divorce, but of course, Petra being Petra doesn’t want a divorce. She even used Jane to hold her marriage together. However, Raf wouldn’t have it because he’s fed up, and he doesn’t want Petra anymore in his life.

We met Tom, a bellboy of the hotel who might be the one who murdered Zaz. Raf came up to Jane to tell him about his upcoming divorce and his willingness to still raise the child. However, Jane said that that wasn’t the plan. For her, she doesn’t want the child to only have a single parent.

Jane then talked to Michael about this, and Michael agreed to raise the child with her. As for Rogelio, he’s doing everything that he can to make up for the lost time. He invited him over his telenovela set for lunch, but things didn’t go well because he’s a bundle of nerves. They didn't really know what to talk about.

Michael encouraged Jane to give the whole father-daughter thing another try. She agreed, and she planned to invite him over for dinner and cook one of abuelita’s recipes. She decided to get the recipe at home but was surprised to find her mother there who was supposed to be at the dance studio. Xio said that she couldn’t dance when her own daughter was mad at her. Still, Jane didn’t budge and left.

Michael went to Raf to ask why Tom wasn’t in the list of potential suspects. Raf only said that he didn’t know anything about that, and he also offered help for his unborn child.

Lina, Jane’s best friend, revealed to her that she’s dating Michael’s brother, Billy. Jane said that he might only be using her to piss of his brother. Jane told Michael about Lina and Billy’s relationship, and Michael came clean and talked about his teen years, which turns out that he used to steal carts, sell the parts and stuff like that. Jane, being the best girlfriend in the world, still accepted Michael for who he is.

Rogelio asked the help of Xio on how to get to Jane, and Xio advised him not to overdo it as Jane doesn’t like extravagant stuff. She’s a simple girl with simple wants and needs.

Jane and Rogelio went out to dinner instead, and Rogelio gave it another try by making his daughter understand why Xio kept his identity from her. However, Jane broke down and left. It was another disaster, but Rogelio was  so determined to get to know his daughter more that he went to the hotel and told Jane that he’s not walking away from Jane again.

Jane also found out that Michael knew about Petra and Zaz’s affair when she saw pictures at his home. Jane was so mad, and Michael pleaded to her to stay. She went to her mother to talk about what Michael did, and they were fine again.

Tom was found dead, while Petra was with her mother who offered her advice to keep her lifestyle by waiting out the terms of their prenup agreement. However, if that doesn’t work, Magda has a better plan. She slapped her daughter so hard and told her that they could accuse Raf of physical abuse and through that, she will get a hefty amount and would be able to keep her lifestyle.

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