Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter Seven

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter Seven
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After that wonderful kiss that we’ve been waiting for so long this season, what happens next? Find out what happened on Jane the Virgin” Season 1 Episode 7 “Chapter Seven.”

The episode kicked off again with a flashback. It was during the time when Jane was still 18 years old, which was the time when he and Raf shared their first kiss together. Raf didn’t call the next day, and we all know that he has his reasons. Xo believes that Raf was Jane’s very first heartbreak. However, Raf was determined to change that because he really has feelings for Jane. Now that they’re older, he’s going to make up for the lost time by showing up at Jane’s house and being greeted by Jane in her PJs. What’s his intention of visiting our heroine so early in the morning? Well, he just told this: “Before things go further, I wanna do things the right way and take you on a date.” That’s a keeper right there, Jane!

But, but, but! Just when Raf was about to kiss Jane, she stopped him and told him that she thinks she doesn’t need to be in any kind of relationship right now, especially that she’s just ended her two-year relationship with Michael, plus she’s having a baby, and there’s his crazy ex-wife to think about too.

As for the break-up, Jane’s taking it pretty well. In fact, she even met up with Michael at the hotel to bring back some of his stuff, but then it hit her. She’s not sure anymore why she broke up with Michael. Is it really because of what he did? Is it because he has feelings for Raf? Knowing Jane and his values, the choice shouldn’t be the latter.

Jane’s friends don’t have any idea on what’s going on. They asked Jane to ask Raf if they could help them get into the hottest club in town. Raf agreed of course, and he’s coming with them.

Back in the hotel locker room, she found Michael waiting for her there as well as a beautiful floral arrangement. Michael decided to open the card and found out that it was from Raf with a mention of a date and a kiss. This upsets Michael and told Jane that he doesn’t know her anymore.

That night, at the club with her friends and Raf, she couldn’t help but keep on looking at Raf. She even get jealous when a woman was flirting with Raf. She’s trying her hardest to control her feelings for him, thinking that it’s not right especially with everything that’s going on with her life right now.

Rafael learned about what’s keeping Jane from her. He proves his touch in persuasiveness when he told Jane, “The baby isn’t waiting. Let’s take advantage of this time now, before there are three of us.”

And that won Jane over finally! They went out of the club and went to Target to get some food and eat them by the poolside of the hotel and exchanged secrets and stories. There were a lot of cuddling and kissing, and it was purely just that, which made the whole thing so much better and sweeter. They fell asleep by the pool while Xo was freaking out because this was the first time her daughter didn’t call and didn’t go home.

Jane and Xo got in a little argument about what happened the previous night, but Jane told her that she wants to be with Raf because he’s a good guy. As for Xo, she met a guy, the dad of one of his students in dance class. They went out on a date and even went out on a double date with Rogelio. It seems like Rogelio really has feelings for Xo. I think that he’s going to take things slow until he gets to her and make her his.

Of course, Petra had some scheming to do when her ex-fiance, Lachlan, showed up. Since she needs to pay off Ivan, she talked to Lachlan to give her $350K in exchange for information on Raf that could ruin him. He agreed and they had sex. After that, Lachlan told her that he doesn’t have the cash on hand. Petra already revealed to him the secret about Raf. What happened next was a blur: Raf got fired by his father, and because of that, he cancelled his date with Petra and left for Mexico City.

Oh, and Michael hooked up with his partner. Well, we already saw that coming.

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