Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter Ten

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter Ten
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After a month-long hiatus and a Golden Globe award, “Jane the Virgin” is back for the second half of Season 1. In “Chapter Ten,” there was a storm brewing literally and figuratively. Read on to learn more about this episode.

First off, there’s a hurricane coming to Miami. Second, Alba was at the hospital, asleep, and the doctor still can’t provide diagnosis until she wakes up. This worried Jane and Xo, but since they can’t do anything about it as of the moment, Jane resorted to prayer. However, she couldn’t find Alba’s rosary, so she went out to look for it.

At the hotel, Rafael’s dad was off to a mysterious business somewhere, so he reluctantly left Rafael in charge of the hotel and also reminded him about the layoffs that must be done. Of course, Rafael said he can do it, and so his dad left. Petra showed up at Rafael’s office regarding their prenup settlement, but Rafael deflected it by saying that she signed it using a different name so that means that it’s not legal at all.

Rose also smelled something fishy regarding her husband’s business trip, especially when she heard her husband’s phone conversation about $5 million for someone named “Alegria.” She just can’t ask her husband straight up, so she came up with a plan. She visited Luisa at the mental institute, and after seducing her, she finally got the answer that she needs: Alegria is Luisa’s dead grandmother while Luisa managed to get some pins out of Rose and escape the hell out of there.

Regina, Jane’s co-worker, found Alba’s rosary and handed it over to Jane. Just when she was about to head back to the hospital, the hurricane hit, and Rafael restricted her to get out of the hotel until it’s safe for her to go. Michael and Nadine investigated the tunnels that have been revealed to them, which led them to a surgical room that’s attached to the hotel’s recovery suite.

Michael confronted Rafael about the secret tunnels, but they were interrupted by Jane. Rafael only told Michael that he had already told him everything that he needs to know.

At the hospital, the doctors revealed that Alba will be deported once she’s out of the hospital because she’s an undocumented immigrant. However, the good news was Rogelio came to visit while Xo was there. Jane heard the news and got stuck in the elevator with Michael. She told her everything about her grandma at the hospital and her being deported. Michael said that he will help her for Alba not to get deported, and they shared a hug. Right on cue, the elevator doors opened, and Rafael was there to witness this.

Jane’s co-workers were also bugging her to see if their names are on the list of the people that will get fired. At first, Jane didn’t want to do it, but she did it anyway and saw Frankie’s name. She told her about this, and she was devastated and asked Jane that she might be able to do something since she’s Raf’s girlfriend. Jane said that she couldn’t do anything… but it looks like she will.

Alba finally woke up, and surprisingly, she doesn’t remember about the accident. Thanks to Michael’s connections, Alba will not be deported anymore because Michael made a call claiming that she’s an important witness to the Sin Rostro case.

Petra was struggling to get it together and find a one-bedroom apartment. However, Magda didn’t want that because she said that they need an apartment with two bedrooms for Ivan. Things heated up when Ivan escaped, but Petra pointed a gun at him, and he ran away.

After witnessing Michael and Jane hugging in the elevator, Raf and Jane were back on track, as if nothing happened. That’s when Jane asked Raf about the evidence that Michael found in his office. However, Raf still didn’t give her a straight answer and lied to her, which Jane knew but shrugged it off and said that she will not let Michael come in between them anymore. As for Michael, with the short moment he shared with Jane in the elevator, he’s determined to fight for Jane.

Rose told Raf about the $5 million and the Croatia plan. Does that mean Sin Rostro is Raf’s dad? And Raf isn’t that surprised at all…

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