Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter 20

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter 20
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Having a baby on the way with relationship issues could really be stressful but Jane is determined to prove that she can do it on her own in “Jane the Virgin” Season 1 Episode 20 “Chapter 20.” Read on.

Jane’s baby is still in breech position, which threatens her choice of birth delivery. Aside from that, she is in the process of getting over Rafael. She throws herself into single mommy life. She did it by going to doctor appointments on her own and other single mom stuff while Xo is a mess and misses Rogelio so much.

However, Jane’s attention was diverted when Alba told Jane everything about her accident. It made Jane really mad so she confronted Petra about it. She told her that she’s going to make Magda pay for what she’s done to her grandmother. Xo also revealed that it was Michael who saved her grandmother from being deported.

The next thing she did was go to Michael and thank him. She asked for his help regarding the accident. Michael is of course, willing to help Jane if that means getting on her good side again. After their conversation, Petra got a call from the police summoning her to the station along with her mother regarding Alba’s accident.

At the station, Jane was very upfront and asked Magda if she had anything to do with the incident. They denied and Petra even protected her mother, which disappointed Jane.

In other news, Luisa is back at the hotel ready to manage it with her new girlfriend. Even though she doesn’t have any background in hotel management, she managed to pull something off: a wrestling match at the hotel that was successful.

Rafael opened up to Luisa about everything: how he proposed to Jane and contacted his mom and Luisa told him that she gave up on the wrong thing.

Jane was still trying her hardest to make the baby turn so she held a burning Moxa stick near her feet. It was because it is said that it can help turn babies but she dozed off, causing fire. Luckily, Alba was able to put the fire off before it got big. After that, Jane’s baby turned!

The next morning, with a newly fueled determination she marched to the hotel. She asked Rafael when Petra’s leaving because she doesn’t want her there. However, Raf made a mistake of defending Petra that Jane was stunned and opted to leave her job at the hotel instead. Rafael tried to stop her, but our girl is very determined at this moment. When she returned home, she told Xo and Alba that she wants full custody of the baby and is calling the lawyer.

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