Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter 21

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter 21
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Of plans and accomplishments in “Jane the Virgin” Season 1, Episode 21 “Chapter 21.”  Read on.

We all know Jane to be a planner,  even before the whole pregnancy happened, she has her life planned. It was until now when she finds herself pregnant, single and unemployed with an invitation to a high school reunion that she needs to attend to but doesn’t want to because she doesn’t feel accomplished at all. She also doesn’t want to face up to her high school archenemy, Stephanie Kovakovitch whose father dated Xo back in the day. Lina tried to convince her to go but Jane was still hesitant.

In other news, Rafael is also feeling less than accomplished regarding the Maracay Group. He doesn’t know whether he should dissolve it or not. Also, he hasn’t move on from Jane and thinks that he has made a mistake.

Jane is determined to file for sole custody and with that determination, she went to see Raf. It was until she bumped into Petra and Magda in the hotel lobby, which put her in a foul mood. When she got to Raf’s office she told him about her plans of filing for sole custody but assured him that he can still see the baby if he wants to. Of course, Raf is against her plan.

Michael gave Jane an update about Luisa. It was cleared that Luisa is no harm to the baby. After that, Michael invoted him to his commendation ceremony as friends and Jane agreed to go. After the ceremony, Jane headed to her high school reunion. Things turned out well especially when Stephanie talked to her and apologized for being rude to her back in the day. After the reunion, she was feeling inspired so she went home to continue on her novel. She got caught up texting with Michael all-night long talking about their dreams and what-not.

Petra was consoling Rafael and Rafael told her about Jane’s plans of filing for sole custody. She wants to help so when she next saw Jane, she apologized and told her not to punish Rafael for what she did.

After that awesome and enlightening conversation with Michael, Jane told Alba and Xo of a new plan. She’s going to enroll to a graduate writing program. Alba and Xo were so thrilled and think that this is a good idea. She went to her doctor’s appointment with Rafael. Everything’s going well and the doctor said she won’t go into labor until a few weeks.

Raf is wrestling with whether he should proceed with his business trip and miss the birth of his child. Back at the hotel, he found Petra and thanked her for what she did. However, Jane is still pushing thru with the sole custody. Petra then went to see her mother. She asked her to turn herself in because that’s the only way she could get Raf back. She feels like she’s getting closer to getting what she wants. Magda agreed and turned herself in.

Michael shared the awesome news to Jane and they celebrated. While celebrating, Rafael decided to call Jane and tell her that he loves her. Jane left her phone in the kitchen and it was Xo who saw him calling and she let it go into voicemail, not wanting to spoil Michael and Jane’s bonding outside.

Michael and Jane talked about their friendship and it seems like Jane wants more…

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