Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter Fourteen

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter Fourteen
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Episode 14 “Chapter Fourteen” of “Jane the Virgin” Season 1 managed to show Jane focusing on one storyline only. In the previous episodes, we’ve seen her juggling a number of storylines, which can be a lot to take in. Read on for more details.

Now, Raf and Jane kew that Sin Rostro is Rose. Raf went to Luisa to check her out of the institution. He was almost too late because Luisa already plotted her escape. She managed to successfully do so until she met Raf outside telling her that he’s there to check her out. So, she went back and checked out legally. In the car, Raf told her about Sin Rostro, their father and Rose. Luisa was so shocked to find out that it was her former lover all along.

At the hotel, Luisa got a letter from Rose that points her to where her father’s body is. It was hidden under the pool where she and Luisa first had sex. Jane saw Raf coming out of a hotel room and putting a Do Not Disturb sign on it. It made her very suspicious so she knocked on the door to see who’s there and was surprised to see Roman Zazo. She was freaking out and then she bumped into Michael. He was able to get the info from her and the two of them headed to the hotel room.

Raf was there and it turns out, the guy is actually Roman’s twin brother, Aaron. Agitated, Raf explained to them that he was the one who reached out to him when Roman died. Raf is dealing with so much stuff at the moment including Petra owning a third of the hotel and plans to make him a silent partner.

Michael interrogated Luisa regarding her relationship with Rose and Luisa expressed how upset she is with what Rose has done. Luisa then got a call from Rose. Since she’s so in love with her she fell for what Rose said and ran away with her.

In other news, Rogelio is torn between choosing a lead role but moving to Mexico or sticking around and joining one of his enemies on a show. Jane forced Rogelio and Xo to talk. They did and Xo surrendered herself to Rogelio once again.

A baby shower is about to happen as well for Jane that we might see next episode. Jane and Raf dealt with some issues as well such their living conditions but by the end of the episode they managed to fix things and Raf asked Jane to move in with him.

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