Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter Thirteen

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap: Chapter Thirteen
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When it comes to major twists, “Jane the Virgin” is definitely one of the TV series that offer that almost every episode. In Episode 13 “Chapter Thirteen” there were some major plot twists that left our mouths agape when this episode wrapped up. Read below for the full recap.

A lot of exciting stuff is about to happen in Jane’s life. First off, it’s her graduation and second, she will find out the sex of the baby! Exciting times, isn’t it? So Jane and Raf went to the hospital for her 20-week ultrasound. They were pretty excited until they received bad news that something might be wrong with the baby and they need further tests to confirm it.

They went their separate ways after that to take care of other things. Raf met up with Lachlan and the CFO of Marbello because the hotel needs help and Raf couldn’t find himself focusing on that at the moment. It was due to what he learned earlier that day regarding his baby and Jane. He decided to sell half of the hotel. As for Jane, she seeks the advice of her mom and grandmother and she decided not to go through with the amnio test.

After that, she and Raf got together to talk about it. She changed her mind and decided to go through the procedure. That means she’s going to miss her graduation but that’s okay. She took the procedure and the results will come out after two weeks.

In other news, Petra met up with Milos who’s still in love with her. He is now dealing with his anger and suggested to Petra that they go to a couple’s therapy. Petra wasn’t up for it and said goodbye to him and given Milos’ anger issues, he didn’t take it well. Lachlan then told Petra that he’s taking her away from all of this.

Alba has been very excited going to her physical therapy class, which was weird at first until they learned why: she has a suitor at rehab! And when Xo and Rogelio found out she was embarrassed. Later that day, Xo asked her mom why she never moved on after her father died. She told her that her father would want her to be happy.

When the day of Jane’s graduation day rolled in, her family surprised her with a private ceremony since she couldn’t go to her own. Rogelio also got a new role, which requires him to film in Mexico.

Meanwhile, Michael and Nadine were interrogating an employee, Scott. It was regarding Emilio and said that Emilio was with his girlfriend, which was news to them. It turns out that Rose was setting up Emilio to take the fall of Sin Rostro and after that they found out that Rose managed to escape. Nadine watched the video again from the night Roman Zazo was killed and realized that he is really not dead!

Oh and another twist, Milos bought the other half of the hotel to get close to Petra and even offered it to her!

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