‘Jane The Virgin’ Season 3 Spoilers, Return Date: Michael’s Death Confirmed? New Season To Reveal Petra’s Fate

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
‘Jane The Virgin’ Season 3 Spoilers, Return Date: Michael’s Death Confirmed? New Season To Reveal Petra’s Fate
Jane The Virrgin 2

The popular show, “Jane The Virgin” Season 2, concluded last month. The finale ended with a cliffhanger where Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) was shot by his cop partner Sussana, thereby leaving a question on his fate if he will be in the next season or not. Perhaps Michael in the next season of the show might be shown dead. In a recent update, it is revealed that he is working on a pilot called “Hiatus.” Meanwhile, EP Jennie Snyder Urman revealed Petra’s fate in the new season.

According to the Inquirer, Brett Dier who plays Michael Cordero and love interest of Jane, revealed his thoughts on the upcoming Season 3 of the show. He said, “The events at the end of Season 2 leaves a lot of room for more drama, so the next season is going to be an exciting ride for both the characters and the show’s followers.”

Brett Dier further revealed to the outlet about his other project that he is working on. He said, “I’m working on a pilot called ‘Hiatus’—it’s about me. It’s a comedy show about what my life is about when I’m on hiatus from acting. I hope people will find it funny—and I hope it gets picked up by the networks.”

This drops a hint that Michael (Brett Dier) might be shown dead on the show “Jane The Virgin” as he is already working on another project called “Hiatus.” Recently, media reports had revealed that in the next season of “Jane The Virgin,” the lead actress Jane will lose her virginity. If Michael is shown dead, then this leaves a scope that perhaps Jane loses her virginity to Rafael. Nonetheless, it is not yet officially confirmed if Michael is dead after getting shot.

Meanwhile, the executive producer, Jennie Snyder Urman, revealed a spoiler scoop for the character Petra. Petra was once poisoned by her twin sister Anezka in the show so that she could take her place and be with Rafael.

Talking about Petra’s fate in the next season, Jennie Snyder Urman told Entertainment Weekly that, “At a certain point Petra will (wake up), but it’s just a question of how long and how much damage will be done.” She further added, “The Passion of Santos” might become “The Passion of Steve” and be remade for American audience, so we’ll explore what the crossover means. Rogelio will be fighting for his place as Santos/Steve.”

Perhaps fans of “Jane The Virgin” will get to see some new side of Petra in the new season. Also, Michael’s fate will reveal if Jane will consummate her marriage. The truth will be known only when Season 3 premieres.

The return date of “Jane The Virgin” is not yet revealed.


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