Jane the Virgin Season Premiere Recap: Chapter One

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Jane the Virgin Season Premiere Recap: Chapter One
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The pilot episode of The CW's “Jane the Virgin” kicked off with a 10-year-old Jane. We were introced to her grandmother who has an interest in God and Jane ONLY and to her mother, Xiomara, who was a young mom to Jane. Their interest to Jane made them overprotective, but Jane understands. In a scene, we saw Jane holding a flower, and her abuelita asked her to crumple it and make it look new again. However, it can’t be done, and her abuelita related the crumpled flower to her virginity and its importance.

Fast forward to 13 years after that, we saw Jane making out with her boyfriend of two years, Michael Cordero. The scene was such a hot makeout session, but before things get too far, Jane stopped. Apparently, she hasn’t given up her virginity just yet, and Michael respects that.

The scene changed again to introduce us to Rafael Solano, a wealthy handsome man who owns the hotel that Jane works at. He’s married to Petra, whom he doesn’t love at all. We saw him receive news about his hotel’s financial crisis and being comforted by his wife.

After that, we were introduced to Roman Zazo, who works for the management company of the hotel. Jane was there as well, and they were given straws before they begin the workday. It turned out that Jane picked the straw that entitled her to wear a mermaid’s tail that day to serve the hotel guests by the pool. In the poolside, she was holding a bottle of champagne, offering it to guests, when Raphael walked towards her direction, which made her freak out and fell into the pool. She got teased by her coworkers, telling her that she has a huge crush on the hotel’s owner. Rafael said that Jane looks familiar, and he might have met her at a strip club.

We also saw Dr. Luisa Alver, Rafael’s sister. When she walked to the bedroom, she heard a few moans and found out that it was Petra and someone else. Someone’s having an affair here.

The next day, Jane had a doctor’s appointment, and she was so sleepy as well as Dr. Luisa, who didn’t get much sleep as well after what she heard the other day. She’s an OB-GYN who’s covering for another doctor. She wasn’t herself that day, and that’s when she accidentally inseminated Jane with her brother’s frozen sperm instead of Petra. Petra wanted to deliver the good news to Rafael that day that she’s pregnant. The reason why Rafael had his sperm frozen is because he has cancer.

After two weeks, Jane was feeling a bit queasy and fainted in the bus. Her mother brought her to the hospital, and they were surprised to hear the news that she’s pregnant. At first, they didn’t take it seriously and asked for another pregnancy test, but the it turned out to be positive again. Then Dr. Luisa walked in and apologized for her mistake.

Jane went to Michael’s house to break the news to him, but Michael had a plan that day — he was going to propose to Jane. He did actually, but Jane broke the news that she’s pregnant. And before they could talk about it, their families arrived to celebrate their proposal.

Rafael learned about his sister’s insemination mistake, and he was talking to his friend, also the manager of the hotel, Roman. He decided that he’s going to keep the baby, and Petra is also willing to keep the baby. Rafael received a call from his sister, telling him that Jane is actually his employee, so he arranged a meeting with her.

Apparently, we learned that Roman and Petra are lovers, and they are scheming to take Rafael down to get his wealth.

When Jane and Rafael finally met, Jane told him that they have met already and shared a kiss at the yacht club. She told him she’s not ready to be a mother, while Rafael didn’t mention his current state of health. Michael then showed up at Jane’s house to tell her that he’s not supporting her pregnancy. After bonding with her mother at the bar, Jane finally decided that she’s going to keep the baby, while Rafael asked Petra for a divorce. We also found out that Michael is currently working on an operation observing Roman. Jane also met her father, but they didn’t talk. She went over to Michael’s office and told him that she’s going to keep the baby, but she will give it to Rafael and Petra, and then she proposed to him, and Michael said yes.

What do you think of this episode? Do you think something will eventually happen between Rafael and Jane? Or are you on Team Michael? What do you think of this new show? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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