‘Jane The Virgin’ Season Spoilers: Jane Caught In A Love Triangle; Kesha Appears!

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
‘Jane The Virgin’ Season Spoilers: Jane Caught In A Love Triangle; Kesha Appears!

Jane had been through a lot as she stays to incline her life on chances but what made her shine in the “Jane the Virgin” show is the storyline where she must decide between two closest men in her life. Read on for more details.

What are the chances of her decision between choosing in receiving Michael (Brett Dier) back into her arms and giving Rafael (Justin Baldoni) a shot to love her again? She’s close, MNR Daily reported.


In our recap, Jane broke up with Michael as her long time boyfriend because she believes that she is in love with Rafael. In the end of ‘Season 2’, Rafael broke up with Jane because he realizes that he’s not meant for her because he cannot be the man she needs. Though he still has feelings for the woman, they tried to become friends. After all, they have to make a good parenting to their little boy, Mateo.

This upcoming episode will show Michael, her long time boyfriend, trying to win her heart back again. Who do you think would she choose? Jane is having a hard weighing her feeling between the father of her child or her former long time boyfriend.


You will also witness the appearance of the musician ‘Kesha’ and her not so lovely character. She will be in Jane’s neighbourhood and the two seems to be not getting along. As her personality introduces, she will be playing as ‘rock n roll’ singer named Anabelle. The executive producer of the show Jenny Snyder Urman says that she is not the only celebrity who will be appear in the episodes soon; Britney spears for example. She expressed how excited she is in welcoming the singer and the “Jane the Virgin” family is very glad in her presence.

This episode will be entitled “chapter twenty four” and will air every Monday at CW channel.

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