Japanese Adult Star Maria Ozawa Alias Miyabi Wants To Date Philippines President Noynoy Aquino

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Japanese Adult Star Maria Ozawa Alias Miyabi Wants To Date Philippines President Noynoy Aquino
Maria Ozawa alias Miyabi

It is almost five years the Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa alias Miyabi had taken an early retirement from the adult industry at the age of 25. Now she is concentrating more on movies and looking for a life partner to settle down in the next 3-4 years. Read on for more details.

Ozawa was in Philippines last week for the promotion of her upcoming movie “Nilalang.” The movie is going to have a premiere in this year’s upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival (MMMF). She has starred alongside Philippines action hero Robin Padilla in the upcoming horror flick.

With an exclusive interview with push.com.ph, she expressed her interest of dating Philippines President Benigno Noynoy Aquino III.

“Of course I’m so open. I’m so free, I would love to [date him]!” Ozawa said.

Knowing the fact, Aquino is still bachelor at 55, she is interested in him as he is a leader, which means, according to her, he must be ‘caring person.’

“That will be [a] dream come true,” Ozawa added, referring to the idea of becoming a First Lady.

She also admitted that before starting her career in film with the project “Nilalang,” she was very nervous of the new change. It was the extreme supports of her fans encouraged her to enter into the film industry. According to her, she has learned a lot about media and fame and presently she has no plan to get back to adult films again.

Ozawa has been in adult films since she was 18. However, taking a turn to the mainstream after spending years in porn, she feels, “it is totally different,” and she is further looking for other films in future.

“He has to be a gentleman, he has to be a sportsman, active… If he’s cute, a little chubby,” she made a comment while talking about her ‘ideal man’ with an interview with Philstar. She said that she mainly considers Asian men are the best match for her.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Maria Ozawa

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