Jared Leto Bids Farewell to Joker Hair As He Posts A Picture on Instagram

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Jared Leto Bids Farewell to Joker Hair As He Posts A Picture on Instagram
Jared Leto

Perhaps once was just not enough! Jared Leto shocked everyone with his first look as the Evil Prince of Crime and surprised us even more with a brief appearance in the “Suicide Squad” movie trailer. This time he has made everyone curious with the picture he just posted on Instagram. Read on for more details.

According to MTV News, “Suicide Squad” officially wrapped production over the weekend and only the cast mates know how happy they were. The movie had been shooting in Toronto and also impressed everyone when they flew down to San Diego Comic-Con just to give a little heads up about the stuff fans should expect to see next year in the movie. Leto was not present with them and ever since the beginning has been keeping himself under the wraps since he happens to be one of the most pivotal characters in the super-villain movie.

However, that changed recently as Leto decided to share something very crucial to him with fans and everyone. He posted a picture of his Joker hair that seems to have been cut. Makes complete sense since the movie has been wrapped, there was no point in him keeping the hair and hence he cut it.

This is surely not the first cut that the award-winning actor has experienced, firstly he cut off that magnificent mane that he had, then shaved off his beard and mustache, bleached his hair green and impressed everyone with his version of the Joker. Now that he has bid farewell to his Joker’s hair, he wouldn’t have to worry about covering it with hat every time he steps out. Maybe he’s already on a mission to get back his long locks and we might just see that man bun again in the coming months.

According to IGN, Leto’s picture of his hair on Instagram already has 154K likes and unanimous comments from fans expressing how upset they are because of this cut. “Suicide Squad” will release on Aug. 5, 2015.

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Photo source: Instagram/Jared Leto

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