Jared Padalecki’s Hair Honoured On ‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Premiere Day?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Jared Padalecki’s Hair Honoured On ‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Premiere Day?
Supernatural Season 11

The long wait is finally over. We all wanted it badly and it is finally here. Season 11 of “Supernatural” will be on air tonight. What this means is that we will get to see more brotherly love, more angst, more monsters and more of hairstyle from Jared Padalecki.

According to eonline.com, there cannot be any other more exciting time then this, for nearly a decade, viewers and fans have been captivated by the amazing view of those locks that keep flowing, and we are just not able to take our eyes away.

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This is the right moment that we go back in time and find out how those new styles of Jared’s hair have evolved. It will serve as a praise to those eye-catching and attention grabbing tresses. There was no time to get haircuts starting from the boy bands of the 90’s that were so dear to all of us till the present monster hunter. It is a magic that cast its spell every time we look at them.

Season 11 of “Supernatural” goes on air with Dean and Sam starting their hunt for the Darkness. Since the time Dean was released from the Mark of Cain, this Darkness has been haunting them.

According to ooyuz.com, the Darkness was there and had come down on the Impala, as the last season came to an end. The brothers were surrounded by more trouble than ever before. Through the last season, they were away from each other and in many cases they were at odd ends; still things have not been changed much even though they are seen together now.

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Jeremy Carver has sent out a teaser with the statement, “we want the brothers come together and the big bad is getting more monstrous.”

Photo Source: Facebook/Supernatural Season 11

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