Jason Bateman to Star and Direct Universal Pictures’ Upcoming Comedy Movie

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Jason Bateman to Star and Direct Universal Pictures’ Upcoming Comedy Movie

Iconic comedy actor Jason Bateman will perform dual tasks as he recently signed with Universal Pictures to act and direct an upcoming FBI wedding comedy movie. Read on to learn more about this news story.

Bateman, who is known for the comedic roles he play, will be reprising the directorial position for the third time. All thanks to Universal Pictures, which is behind Bateman’s debut with “Bad Words,” he is put once more into the actor-director position for an untitled FBI comedy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, playwright David Bar Katz is developing a new take for the movie project, as it was originally assigned to David Flebotte and Phil Alden Robinson. The plot will focus on two FBI agents who faked a romantic relationship just so they could make use of their wedding as a way to catch goons.

Bateman’s involvement of the project signified a latent twist into the progress of the production. Initially, it was jump started by Warner Bros. with Steve Carell into the spotlight. However, it took a hard twist when Universal Pictures took hold of the entire production. Carell was supposed to be still attached into the project. However, recent agreements led to his separation with the entire thing which then was passed on to Bateman.

He will be joined in by producer James Garavente through Aggregate Films Banner and Bob Cooper of Landscape Entertainment. They will all be working together under the overseeing eyes of Kristin Lowe and Sara Scott, who are the definite representative for Universal Pictures.

Bateman’s directorial debut was in the movie “Bad Words,” where he starred as the high school dropout who redeems himself by joining the largest spelling bee in the USA. His second project is currently entering into the production phase and is entitled “The Family Fang,” which  he stars alongside superstar Nicole Kidman and Christopher Walken. It will begin shooting in July 2014 in the busy streets of New York.

With back-to-back projects, Bateman will be next seen in  “This Is Where I Leave You” in September and “Horrible Bosses 2” in November 2014.

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