Jason Derulo And Crew Abandoned By Flight Crew

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Jason Derulo And Crew Abandoned By Flight Crew

In a bizzare incident, singer Jason Derulo was left embarrassed in front of fellow passengers. Derulo and his crew were aboard Southwest Airlines travelling back to Los Angeles when an argument burst out between his bodyguards and TSA Agents eventually kicking Derulo and his crew out of the plane.

As per TMZ, Derulo, 25, had asked for assistance to get him and his team through the airport in order to proceed with the check-in process faster because TSA precheck was down somehow. But the singer was refused.

Not being used to take a straight ‘No’, Derulo’s crew used foul language in response due to which the airport staff asked them to leave the airport. A TMZ source says the Derulo although was allowed, but his staff was asked to stay back. It seems the refusal did not go down well with the crew prompting them to further abuse the aiport authorities.

The singer is apparently unhappy with the Southwest Airlines staff. According to eyewitnesses, after the authorities refused to proceed further with the boarding, Derulo and crew went ahead anyway breaching the security. It is then the Airport cops took charge and removed them from the aircraft.

Post the incident, the singer took to Instagram and posted a video of  him and  his crew on a private jet “Had to fire my travel agent for booking me somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be, but now I’m here,” he says in the short video. You then see one the members of his crew in the background saying, “You can’t kick me off of this!”

Derulo, in an exclusive interview to TMZ stated that he would buy his own private jet so that he gets to avoid the rude airport staff every time. “It’s alright,” he said when asked about Saturday. “I’m buying a plane this month.” Says Derulo.

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Photo Source: Instagram/Jason

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