Jason Momoa Reveals How It Was Like to Keep His ‘Aquaman’ Role a Secret and More

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Jason Momoa Reveals How It Was Like to Keep His ‘Aquaman’ Role a Secret and More

Director Zack Snyder is fixed on pursuing the production for “Game of Thrones” actor Jason Momoa’s “Aquaman” and the actors is now discussing whether he would be sporting blond locks or maintain his wild black do. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Marvel’s “Avengers” have already assembled, and they may be hard to beat. However, one cannot act so nonchalant with the way the superheroes of the DC Universe are slowly furthering in Warner Bros. The studio company is pushing forward not only the production for the 2016 “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” but also for Director Zack Snyder’s succeeding “Aquaman” to be brought to life by “Game of Thrones” star Jason Momoa. Recent updates are now discussing the matters of the hair. Yes, fans are asking whether director Synder would follow the blonde locks for the hunk of the waters in the comic book or retain the black do he wears so well. The actor then hints to spike the fan’s interests amongst all other updates about his character during the Sundance Film Festival.

Based on ComicBook.com’s feature, the “Game of Thrones” alum expressed carefully the questions that were addressed to him during the Sundance Film Festival Smart Works Panel. It was there that the actor revealed how excitingly different the DC Universe will be with the way his director, Snyder, perceived the film to be.

“Well, things are going to be a little different. When I first went in I met with Zack (Snyder). His idea is pretty amazing. When I went in, he told me … my jaw kind of dropped. My jaw doesn’t normally drop. What he has planned for the DC world and for … definitely for Aquaman is something that, you know… I think I was brought on for a certain reason and they got some really cool plans for him. I’m really excited for everyone to see it,” Momoa said.

One of the questions addressed to him was about how long and hard he’s had to keep the secret for landing such an eponymous role. He revealed that he was supposed to keep it for three years, meaning that the actor already knew about his involvement since early 2014. The actor also made no comment when he was asked about the possible involvement of Michael Shannon, who happened to grace the event sporting an “Aquaman” T-shirt. The actor creatively segued about how important the role is for him, especially with his “Polynesian roots and its connection to Hawaiian gods.”

As things drifted to a close, a 74-year-old woman, who is an “Aquaman” comic aficionado, raised the question about Momoa’s version of the King of the Seven Seas about whether he would be sporting a blond do. The actor then humbly responds that his Aquaman will definitely not be white and quite different from the original.

“Aquaman” is slated to hit the theaters on July 27, 2018 with the kickstarter of the DC Cinematic Universe “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” premiering next year on March 25, 2016.

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