Jason Statham to Replace Daniel Craig in Viva La Madness

By admin | 4 years ago

Deadline reports that the Expendables star, Jason Statham, intends to take over the role of Layer Cake’s unnamed criminal protagonist. Yes, Daniel Craig is being replaced with another glowering British badass.

Based on J.J. Connolly’s debut novel, Layer Cake was published only last year, taking a very short time for an adaptation to be put into development. Recently, Statham with his producing partner, Steve Chasman, picked up the rights to J.J. Connolly’s book Viva La Madness, the follow-up to his Layer Cake, and now, he will play role of the Craig’s gangster character who had no name in the first film.

The story plot of the new book picks back up with the protagonist revived after apparently suffering a fatal gunshot wound at the end of the first film, and decides to retire to a beach. He is then reluctantly brought back to London from his new home in the Caribbean, where he gets involved in international drug deals, money laundering, and all other sorts of vicious crime businesses.

It is not known why Craig has not returned to the role, may be he is so busy with his new James Bond character that he presumably doesn’t find time for the sequel. Whatever the reason is, the good news for Statham fans is that there’s another modern British gangster movie on its way which stars their all time favorite, Jason Statham.

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