Jason Statham’s Redemption

By admin | 5 years ago

Redemption movieJason Statham stars as a former Special Forces soldier who is trying to control his violent tendencies. This is the debut movie of director Steven Knight. It is a character study as well as a revenge thriller. The film is not something to be taken seriously, just like any other Jason Statham movie, but it also lacks action packed scenes that his fans expects to see.

Joey (Jason Statham) is a former Special Forces soldier who just got back in London after serving in Afghanistan and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He gets hallucinations that feature hummingbirds that act like drones. He is also seen drinking a lot.

Joey survives on food from the soup kitchen ran by Sister Cristina (Agata Buzek). He also finds peace in the company of Isabel (Victoria Bewick) until she is nabbed by hoodlums and turned into a prostitute.

One day he breaks into an apartment and assumes the identity of its owner. He cleans himself up by shaving off his hair and wearing the clothes he finds in the apartment. He also manages to get a job as a dishwasher at a restaurant. His method of dealing with drunken customers has led to him being the new enforcer of the restaurant’s gangster owner (Benedict Wong).

It is an easy job for Joey. He starts to make a lot of money, which he shares with Sister Cristina to feed the homeless. He also shares some of it with Dawn (Vicky McClure), his wife who he abandoned years ago. He tries to rescue Isabel but he was too late because she is already murdered. This turns his goal from being one of personal redemption into revenge.

Director Steven Knight puts a lot of subplots in Redemption that bog down the narrative. He even includes a romance between Joey and Sister Cristina, who was willing to forget about her vows.

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