Jason Voorhees Set To Live Again In The CW For ‘Friday The 13th’ Series

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Jason Voorhees Set To Live Again  In The CW For ‘Friday The 13th’ Series

Jason Voorhees, the famous character from the hit horror franchise “Friday the 13th,” is coming to The CW network. The unstoppable killing machine from Camp Crystal will take his bloodied machete as he resurrects his murdering spree on the small screen. Read for more details below.

Deadline reported that the tandem of Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle, who are the creators of the 1996 cult tv series “The Pretender,” will be at the helm of the planned weekly gore project. The said series will have a modern-day appeal as the script will give more emphasis on the parade of unconventional characters, who devote their time to the eeriness of Crystal Lake conducting them, to have a one-on-one battle with the returning killer. The madman with a hockey mask becomes an open book as more secrets about his madcap family are exposed one at a time. Voorhees’ lore began with actor Ari Lehman as the young deformed child of a cook named Mrs. Voorhees, the main antagonist of the first “Friday the 13th” movie.

The “Friday The 13th” macabre shop first opened in 1980 and has built a staggering blood fest of 12 installments. The latest film installment happened six years ago with Jared Padalecki of television’s “Supernatural” fame playing the lead protagonist role.

The horror genre has now explicitly carved itself on the small screen especially with “Bates Motel” and “Teen Wolf” on the other networks. It would be overwhelming to fans of the horror genre if a “Friday The 13th – Supernatural” cross-over happens on television since both are under The CW Network umbrella.

A “Friday the 13th” movie is also expected to follow this trail of blood as reported by Cinemablend, this latest horror reincarnation will now answer what has baffled everyone for the last 25 years: Why he remains to be alive for the next sequel despite being killed?

With such a ghastly thought in mind, Jason Voorhees 1980’s murderous colleague Freddy Kruger of “Nightmare on Elm Street” is also set to carved a fleshy reboot of his own as reported by Geek.

“Friday the 13th,” which has already seen some delays, is expected to hit theaters May 13, 2016.

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