Jax Taylor to Kristen Doute: ‘Wake the F*** up and Move on’ – ‘Vanderpump Rules’

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Jax Taylor to Kristen Doute: ‘Wake the F*** up and Move on’ – ‘Vanderpump Rules’
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“Vanderpump Rules” star Jax Taylor does not know what Kristen Doute is trying to achieve. Read on to know why.

On Taylor’s Bravo video blog, he started his rant with Tom Schwartz. He believed that Schwartz should have asked him before giving Katie Maloney a necklace with a ring pendant. He said that he would have stopped him. He explained that Schwartz had good intentions but made a bad move.

“Don’t give your girlfriend a ring on a string, and you don’t do it at a wedding,” Taylor said.

Of course, it was down to Doute. Taylor said he does know how much more James Kennedy has to bear with continuous claims that Doute is a “bad person,” who is “constantly” backstabbing, being vindictive and pining over Tom Sandoval. He called out Kennedy to wake up, unless Kennedy wants to share Doute with Sandoval. He told Kennedy to walk away for good.

Taylor said he felt bad for Rachel O’Brien after she was punched on the face by her own friend, Doute. However, he was not surprised that Doute managed to do that. He found O’Brien lucky enough to only receive a punch from Doute.

The reality star-model said that the dinner with Doute was an “absolute disaster.” He described himself walking into a “firing squad.” He said he does not know Doute’s real intentions. He thinks it is useless if Sandoval is proven guilty of cheating because Sandoval is never going back to Doute.

“Wake the f— up and move on,” Taylor told Doute.

Recently, Doute attacked Taylor after claiming that she got into a fight with a stripper. She claimed that Taylor is a liar. She used social media to criticize Taylor, with the help of O’Brien.

However, RealityTea.com reported that Bravo producers confirmed Doute’s scandal with a stripper. The producers commented on Twitter numerous times that they regret not capturing the scene on camera. They claimed that Doute must have been jealous that Sandoval liked the stripper.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Bravo Canada

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