Jay Leno Jokes about Possible Departure

By admin | 5 years ago

Tonight Show host Jay Leno directed a couple of his monologue jokes towards NBC the network that airs the show. In one joke, he spoke of how a man from Canada has a knife extracted from his back after having it there for three years. He joked about how the man was able to survive for those three years and said he too must have been employed by NBC.

His second joke was about a dinner he had with NBC executives. The actual dinner was the truth, but Leno said that its outcome was that they had come to an agreement and NBC wanted to make things right and therefore were sending him on a cruise on Carnival. That joke referred to two incidents over the past two weeks that took place on Carnival cruises.

These jokes were brought about because of the possibility that exists of Leno being replaced. Talk about Jimmy Fallon, the current host of Late Night, has been going around the rumor mill all week at NBC about him replacing Leno. Each night this week, Leno used at least one of his jokes to attack NBC. He mentioned the networks ratings and spoke about his eventual firing.

There was no comment available from NBC, as their spokesperson was not available.

Controversy over the show is not new to Leno. He left the show a few years ago only to be asked to return by NBC after the show’s ratings plummeted. Leno had been replaced by Conan O’Brien and fans did not take to the younger host as well as they did to the veteran Leno.

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