Jay-Z and Beyonce Not Helped by White House in Cuba visit

By admin | 6 years ago

President Obama said that the White House does not get involved in something like helping billionaire entertainment couple Jay-Z and Beyonce get approval to travel to Cuba.

In an interview on the Today show, the president said the White House did not have an involvement in the Hollywood couple’s trip to the Caribbean island nation of Cuba. The couple traveled there for their wedding anniversary. Obama even said he was not aware the couple was even taking a trip to Cuba.

Obama said he believes the couple went to Cuba through a group that organizes and oversees trips to Cuba for educational purposes. He stressed that this was not something his White House administration involved themselves with. Obama said the White House had better things to get involved with.

Last week two members of Congress sent a letter to the Department of Treasury to request official information as to whether Jay-Z and his wife had obtained permission to visit Cuba. Jay-Z reacted to the lawmakers’ investigation by writing a song and releasing it April 11 titled Open Letter.

Jay Carney the Press Secretary at the White House responded to the new song by saying all it was was a song. He told reporters that President Obama did not speak with Jay-Z about his trip with Beyonce.

The Treasury, said Carney, offers licenses for people to travel and the White House is not involved in this. A spokesperson from the Department of the Treasury confirmed that the Hollywood couple had been licensed by them, as an educational exchange.

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