Jay-Z Croons at the prestigious Carnegie Hall to emulate hip hop legends

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Jay-Z Black Enterprise

The funds collected from the two concerts made its way to the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation run by his mother and the united Way of New York City. The tickets were priced from three hundred to a thousand bucks. The announcement for the series of these concerts was made way back in December by Jay-Z. He started off the evening with an immaculately stylish white Tom Ford dinner jacket and changing one of his most famous rhymes “Public service Announcement” to suit the occasion by substituting “tux” in place of “hat”.

Jay-Z has decided to release the official video of his collaboration single with Kanye West titled N*ggas in Paris later during the week. A top selling album in 2011, “Watch The Throne”, became a cult for hip hop music. Kanye and Jay-Z are set to pump up the game with their latest collaboration that has got the fans excited as they hold their breath for the video to release in Paris.

Jay-Z ended the court battle over charges of failing to pay up for his plane travel using a private jet filed by the executives at Air Platinum Holding. The issue stirred up during 2010 as the executives claimed unpaid amounts ranging to 137,485 dollars on account of being getting paid for only thirty seven of the fifty five hours of private jet travel. This is being reported assumed as an out of court settlement. This ends a long drawn battle that has almost crept up for close to two years so it is a big relief for Jay-Z as he is set for bigger things to come.

Rapper Jay Z has ended a legal battle over allegations that he failed to pay for his flights on a private jet.

Bosses at Air Platinum Holding sued the star in 2010 over claims he paid for just 37 of 55 hours of travel on the company’s planes and left them with a $137,485 unpaid bill.

According to tmz.com, the lawsuit has now been dismissed. No further details were available but reports suggest the case may have been settled out of court.

Watch The Throne‘ was considered one of the hottest albums of 2011, and will forever go down as a classic in hip hop. When two titans like Jay-Z and Kanye West team up, there’s bound to be some magic, and fans would call that magic ‘N*ggas in Paris.’

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