Jay Z Makes Fun Of Beyoncé Strange Pizza Eating Habit

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Jay Z Makes Fun Of Beyoncé Strange Pizza Eating Habit

It is not good to be serious all the time. We should take time out to show to the world that there is still a child in us. Jay Z made a serious statement in not so serious manner, and this time it is about Beyoncé  pizza eating habits.

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According to people.com, the rapper was spending his Tuesday night at Jimmy Kimmel Live show and there he displayed his eating habits for pizza and stated that his favourite pizza is Lucali. He was talking about Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn who is known and famous for making thin-crust pizza.

The talks at Kimmel from pizza then moved on to the eating habits of Beyoncé, who according Jay Z eats pizza in an unconventional manner and that she likes to have extra jalapenos and tomato sauce. Kimmel asked Jay Z on his statement that has been asked her that pizza is not eaten in Brooklyn in this manner.

In response, Jay Z said that she is from Houston and unfortunately, pizza is unknown to people living there. He was in a light mood when he said so, but the thought that there is a city that does not have pizza makes us shiver.

Beyoncé and Jay Z like to travel around the world and more than that they like to dine at different places. Recently, the famous couple were in Italy along with their daughter Blue Ivy, and the three take time out to dine on some wonderful pizzas.

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According to trendolizer.com, Jay Z also mentioned that when Beyoncé decides to eat only vegetarian food, that the toppings she picks for her pizza is worth noticing. You can see vegan cheese along with some avocado and tapioca flour and raw cashews are also there to be seen.

Photo Source: Facebook/Beyoncé

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