Jay Z Posts Michael Jackson’s Picture On Instagram: Then Vanishes

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Jay Z Posts Michael Jackson’s Picture On Instagram: Then Vanishes
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Jay-Z has never been hip to social media, so it was very surprising that the rapper joined Instagram last Saturday. But he took down the site almost immediately after setting it up, its lone picture of Jay Z shaking hands with Michael Jackson removed from its internet existence almost immediately. He has since decided not to foray into the uncharted social media territory and remains largely unseen there. Read on for more details.

Jay-Z has never been a social media, addict. His Twitter account is rarely used and until recently, he didn’t even have Instagram. The last time he used twitter was when he had repackaged and launched Tidal, the all-star music portal that he also co-owns. According to Inquisitr, it was surprising when Music executive Michael Kaiser posted a photograph of Jay-Z. He declared that he was setting up an Instagram account and people ought to follow him. The account turned to be a legitimate one, and it rapidly garnered for itself a hundred thousand followers.

The only picture that was posted on the short-lived account was that of Michael Jackson shaking hands and hugging Jay Z. After only staying live for twelve hours, the account was made inactive and Jay-Z was not heard from again on the Instagram.

It is surprising that Jay-Z, who is the model husband to Beyonce, is not on any social media network. Beyonce is the second most followed person on Instagram and has over 44.4 million followers on the picture sharing portal.

It makes us wonder how the technophobic husband gets along with the social media hip wife. We know that the two are awesome together and all. But we do hope that Jay Z will dish out some quotes on the social media for us to capture and churn into the news. It will be good fun.

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Photo Source: Facebook / Beyonce

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