Jay-Z’s ‘Fade to Black’ Director Misses Hillsong United, Spending With Them Made Him ‘Better Person’

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Jay-Z’s ‘Fade to Black’ Director Misses Hillsong United, Spending With Them Made Him ‘Better Person’
Hillsong UNITED’s Joel Houston reveals their reason of creating music, with their “Oceans” reaching No. 1 again.

“Hillsong – Let Hope Rise” director Michael John Warren, who also took the helm for Jay-Z’s “Fade to Black” and Nicki Minaj’s “My Time Now” films, shared his heart on what it felt to work with Hillsong and Hillsong United recently. Was he disappointed? Read on for more details.

Although not considering himself as a religious person, Warren said that he learned many things while work with the members of religious group for the upcoming movie.

“I don’t believe the same things they believe, but I’m learning from them and I’m taking lessons from them and I believe I’ve become a better person having spent a year studying them,” Warren said via the Official Hillsong Movie Website.

Learning that Hillsong’s mission was to save souls through making music, Warren viewed as probably the most righteous motive to create and release music. For him, it was not an overstatement.

“They are trying to get people to discover Jesus,” Warren said.

Warren also felt the genuine joy exuding from the group and would sometimes get upset on realizing that he’s not with them anymore after filming “Hillsong – Let Hope Rise.” He confessed a degree of sadness. He admitted that it doesn’t happen when filming about someone else.

“I’d see them on Instagram posting photos from some city where I wasn’t with them and I’d be sad about it,” Warren said.

In an interview with Billboard, Warren noted Hillsong United’s music and looks as authentic – not a scam. Though the Church members and the band wore cool clothes as well as ran flashy shows, he saw spiritually beautiful people.

Hillsong United has been instrumental in spreading the love of Jesus Christ for every sinner, rich or poor, through music in almost every part of the world. In 2013, the Christian worship band’s single “Oceans (Where Feet May Fall)” topped a once-in-a-blue-moon 1 million mark for a Christian song and also reached #83 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Hillsong United will be featured in their mother Church’s Hillsong upcoming documentary film “Hillsong – Let Hope Rise.” The film is set to release this Fall.

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