Jeff Hanneman Guitarist from Slayer Dead at 49

By admin | 6 years ago

One of the founding members of the group Slayer, Jeff Hanneman, whose career changed following a bite from a spider, has died at 49.

Heidi Robinson-Fitzgerald, a spokeswoman for the band said that Hanneman had died on Thursday morning due to liver failure at a hospital in Los Angeles. At the time of his death, Hanneman’s wife Kathy was at his side, said Robinson-Fitzgerald.

Recently the Slayer guitarist had started to write songs with the group with the intention of the band recording sometime later in the year, a new album.

Hanneman was also recovering slowly from what was thought to be a spider bite that almost caused him to have his arm amputated after he did not seek immediate medical treatment.

Robinson-Fitzgerald announced that the spider bite had contributed to Hanneman’s liver failure, but it was unclear whether authorities had planned to ask for an autopsy.

As of yet, not funeral arrangement were made by Hanneman’s family. Andrew W.K. a rocker posted on his Twitter page that Hanneman would always remain a metal god.

Hanneman helped co-found Slayer, the thrash metal band in 1982 in Huntington Beach, California.

Hanneman was born in northern California in the city of Oakland and he grew up a devoted fan of the Oakland Raiders. He was raised however in Long Beach and grew to have a fascination with military campaigns and wars and those themes he brought to his music and his band Slayer. His father was a veteran of WW II and his brothers were in the Vietnam War.

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