Jenner talks about Implants while NBC skips moment of silence

By admin | 6 years ago

On Tuesday, the Today Show on NBC made news, but the kind many shows would not want to make. When all of its rivals, such as CNN, Fox, ABC, and CBS broke away from normal programming to cover the moment of silence commemoration for the 11th anniversary of 9/11, NBC continued with its normal schedule. Instead of viewers seeing President Obama leading the moment of silence they saw Kris Jenner from the Kardashian family talking about her breast implants.

Even competitor Good Morning America, which had a stand-in co-host due to Robin Roberts’ medical leave, broke away at 8:48am, the exact time when the first plane rammed the World Trade Center 11 years ago. After the moment of silence, GMA’s co-host George Stephanopoulos interviewed Richard Gere.

NBC said that the Today Show had shown an interview earlier with one of the survivors from the World Trade Center as well as another segment dealing with the memories of the tragic event. Today did cover the moment of silence event last year for the event’s 10th anniversary, but has not done so in some of the previous nine years.

Some television experts feel the ramifications for not showing the moment of silence could be long-term for the show. Some viewers have already started to tweet and post on Facebook about boycotting the show. One entertainment writer called the error an incredibly huge blunder on NBC’s part. Other writers in Hollywood called it a poor choice by the network.

This season, the show lost its 17-year streak of being the number one morning show and with blunders like this, many feel it will hurt their ratings even more.

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