Jennifer Falls Recap: Everybody Loves Adam

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Jennifer Falls Recap: Everybody Loves Adam
Jaime Pressly at the Austin, TX premiere of I Love You, Man

“Jennifer Falls” Season 1 Episode 9 “Everybody Loves Adam” aired on Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. on TV Land. Adam has been staying in town for a week, and everyone loves him already. When people said that he’s such a cool dad who raised his daughter right, Jennifer grew jealous and bitter because she’s the one who single-handedly raised Gretchen for the last 16 years. Find out what happened in this episode in the recap below.

The show opened with Jennifer (Jamie Pressly) and Dina (Missi Pyle) watching Gretchen’s (Dylan Gelula) debate at school. They were bored and sleepy, and Dina said she only came because she was promised cupcakes and juice, and there were none. Adam (Chris D’Elia) arrived at the school, albeit late, and he started greeting everybody. He also got the last cupcake from one of the parents who saved it up for him. How did he win over everyone so quickly? Jennifer became annoyed that Adam was so popular with the students, teachers and the other parents, while no one could even remember having met her.

The final debate had been moved up, and Gretchen and her friends arrived at the bar to celebrate. This surprised Jennifer, who didn’t know that the date of the debate had changed. Gretchen said that she must have told her father only, who was actually there to watch his daughter and her team win it again.

Turning serious for a moment, Jennifer sought the advise of her mother, Maggie (Jessica Walter), about her problems with Adam. Her mother sympathized and understood where she was coming from, having raised Gretchen all her life, and then Adam comes for five minutes and instantly stole the spotlight.

“Do you wanna be happy, or do you wanna be right?”

Jennifer: “But…”

Maggie: “There are no buts.”

Jennifer: “But how can I be happy if I’m not right?

Jennifer saw that Gretchen changed her profile picture on Facebook to that of her and Adam. It used to be a photo of her and her mother. This upset Jennifer so much that she made a Facebook video as an homage to mothers everywhere. But Maggie said, “You’re the only mother in it.”

Jennifer also posted a Facebook photo of her helping out Gretchen prepare for the father-daughter dance, which Gretchen was excited for. But this photo had her daughter in the background putting on zit cream for her back acne, and now everyone at school saw this. Gretchen, like any teenager, is mortified, and no longer wanted to go to the dance.

With some convincing from Adam, Gretchen still went to the dance though, and Jennifer, feeling so bad that she upset her daughter again, went to the dance in her yoga pants to apologize. As she was talking to her daughter, Adam got up to do a speech. This upset Jennifer all over again, so she started to leave the venue, but she stopped walking after hearing that Adam talked about what it takes to be a good father. He introduced Gretchen’s real father: her mother.

 Jennifer: “I’m starting to remember why everyone loves you so much.”

Adam: “Well, you know I don’t care about what they think. I care about what you think.”

Jennifer: “I think you have your moments.”

Adam: “Well, this is your moment.”

Gretchen and Jennifer had their first father-daughter dance.

Gretchen: “You know I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, right?”

Jennifer: “I know. But I still would like to hear it.”

Gretchen: “But you’re gonna leave after this dance, right?”

The B-side to this week’s story involved Dina and Stephanie.

At the Wayne’s bar, Stephanie acknowledged that Dina may be in need of a man, as she always comes to the bar by herself. They’ve been bitching back at each other when Wayne appeared and showed them his new kitchen concoction. These were tiny burgers he called Wayne’s Slider Bites. Stephanie grabbed one,  but she choked on it, while Wayne just stood there, trying to figure out how to read the instructions to the Heimlich maneuver manual in Spanish. Dina got on her feet and helped Stephanie. Grateful, Stephanie now regarded Dina as her “life giver” and her best friend. Dina was uncomfortable at the thought but used this as an opportunity to settle her bar tab and also get free beers for life.

When the bar closed, Dina and Stephanie had a drinking session, and Dina remarked that her new relationship with Stephanie was not nearly the train wreck she expected. Drunk, the two of them spilled out secrets, and it was there that Stephanie confessed about her taking birth control pills, as revealed in “School Trouble.” Knowing her new best friend’s secret, Dina now felt awkward around Wayne, so she tried to convince Stephanie to be honest to her husband. A slight confrontation happened between the new best friends, but Stephanie still didn’t want to tell Wayne.

So there you have it for  “Jennifer Falls” Season 1 Episode 9 “Everybody Loves Adam” recap, which aired on Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. on TV Land. The show’s finale will be next week, so tune in to Movie News Guide (MNG) for the final recap.

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