Jennifer Falls Recap: Jennifer’s Song Season Finale

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Jennifer Falls Recap: Jennifer’s Song Season Finale
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Jennifer Falls” Season 1 Episode 10 “Jennifer’s Song” aired on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. on TV Land. Jennifer learned the truth Adam was hiding, and she knew that this will crush their daughter, Gretchen. Meanwhile, Maggie and Wayne learned about the secret Stephanie has been keeping, and a surprise ending left this show’s first season with a cliffhanger. Find out what happened in the season finale of “Jennifer Falls.”

Everything seemed to be going well between Jennifer (Jaime Pressly) and Adam (Chris D’Elia), and everyone noticed that. With the addition of their daughter Gretchen (Dylan Gelula), they have been spending so much time together as a family. Does this mean they are getting back together? Dina (Missi Pyle), Jennifer’s best friend, is starting to have apprehensions. She might lose her best friend yet again, but Jennifer assured her that she will always have a special place. Does the tool shed sound good? Of course she’s only kidding! The truth was Jennifer too was having some apprehensions, especially after Adam asked the girls to move in with him.

Gretchen was excited at the prospect. They can be a real family again! Even if she’s a bit grossed out that her parents were being mushy around her, she’s also thrilled to see them getting along so well. Despite panic setting in, Jennifer agreed to Adam’s proposal.

Jennifer sought the advice of, who else, but her best friend. They had been talking on the phone with Dina assuring her that everything will be okay. But just then pops in Sherry, who claimed she is Adam’s wife. It turned out that he was actually married, and Sherry knew about Jennifer and Gretchen. This freaked out Jennifer even more so she confronted Adam, who did not deny it but said that their marriage was an arrangement. Sherry needed the green card.

For some reason, Jennifer believed Adam, but Dina was not convinced. She thought this was a scheme for money. When Jennifer realized that she mistakenly took Adam’s phone, she used this as a chance to snoop into his records and checked the recent calls. With Dina’s prodding, Jennifer dialled the most recent number, which was the unemployment agency (from the pilot episode). The two best friends went there to do some digging, but only had the ladies laughing at Jennifer, who remembered her.

Anyway, Jennifer and Dina went to Adam’s apartment to find out more secrets, and there they learned that Sherry was a nurse practitioner who paid Adam a lot of money so that they could marry. The two also checked the recording studio where Adam was supposedly working on his album, but the owner said that Adam still needed to pay him $8,000, and he owed him Greek yogurt too.

All these lies have started to infuriate Jennifer, but the clincher was when Gretchen’s car (Adam’s gift in the episode “Dogs and Dads“) was about to be repossessed. She confronted Adam again, who admitted to everything and expressed how sorry he was. He reasoned that he only did all of it so he could impressed them.

The two decided that they have to tell Gretchen the truth: moving in together wasn’t going to happen. But when they came to see their daughter, she was happily packing her clothes. Adam started to speak, but Jennifer took the fall for him and said that they will not be moving in because she has some reservations.  The truth was she didn’t want her daughter disappointed by her father again.

Meanwhile, Stephanie (Nora Kirkpatrick) was about to tell Wayne (Ethan Suplee) that she had been taking birth control pills. He was going to see a specialist to make sure that there was nothing wrong with his sperm. But instead of confessing to her husband, Stephanie told Maggie (Jessica Walter) her secret during a therapy session. This made it harder for Maggie. Should she tell her son or should she abide by the doctor-patient confidentiality agreement? Wayne found out anyway because he was at a pharmacy to get his medicine but was instead given a prescription renewal for his wife’s birth control pills. How will Stephanie react when she learns that her husband already knows?

Now this wasn’t the only cliffhanger “Jennifer Falls” left as the season ended because in one of the final scenes, Jennifer saw her mother kissing her father. What’s that all about?

And that’s what happened to the season finale of “Jennifer Falls” Season 1 Episode 10 “Jennifer’s Song,” which aired on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. on TV Land. We’ll be keeping tabs on news about the show’s renewal. Are you hopeful about a second season for the series? Do you think it deserves one, especially with how things left?

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