Jennifer Falls Recap: School Trouble

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Jennifer Falls Recap: School Trouble – Premiere party for CW’s “90210,” Malibu, California – Aug. 23, 2008. Wikimedia Commons/Tabitha Wilson.

Jennifer Falls” Season 1 Episode 6 “School Trouble” aired on Wednesday, July 16, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. on TV Land. Gretchen (Dylan Gelula) was in trouble at school, and Jennifer (Jaime Pressly), riddled with mom-guilt, wanted to get to the bottom of why her daughter was acting up. Read further to learn about what happened in this episode.

Jennifer unintentionally found a principal’s notice inside Gretchen’s handbag. She had been involved in a fight at school, and Jennifer became consumed by guilt that her former lifestyle as a workaholic mom had such a negative effect on her daughter. Gretchen told her mom that the fight was nothing to worry about. But as with any typical mother, Jennifer could not stop being concerned.

Her own mother, Maggie (Jessica Walter), reminded her about spending quality time with her teenager, but Jennifer reminded her that she did get pregnant when she was Gretchen’s age, while her mom was busy with her psychology classes. So there’s that.  Her best friend, Dina (Missi Pyle), assured her that even if they didn’t have involved parents growing up, they didn’t get into any serious trouble. But then, Jennifer had a flashback of the kind of “trouble” she was into, and it made her even more apprehensive about what Gretchen was up to.

Gretchen told her mom that she got suspended for vandalism, and the mother and daughter argue about it, as Gretchen insisted that she did not do anything wrong. Jennifer thought that it would be better to see the school principal, Mr. Whitehorn (Dennis Haskins), to straighten this out. Dina went with Jennifer to their former high school.

The last time they’ve set foot at their high school was 17 years ago, and it amused Jennifer and Dina to see that not much has changed. The famous bench by the principal’s office was still there, and Dina also took notice of the trophies on display by the wall. She used to have her name on one of those trophies, but now it was replaced by someone named Marissa Rosales, which brought out Dina’s competitive side. She looked for this young girl and challenged her to a game of basketball, only to prove that she was once a star athlete at the high school. She beat Rosales in the game, but Rosales beat her in life, with her Standford basketball scholarship and the $50 she got from Dina, who actually paid her for the game.

Inside the principal’s office, Mr. Whitehorn laid it down for Jennifer and showed what Gretchen did. The principal wasn’t convinced that Gretchen was innocent, and because he still remembered how Jennifer once trashed his office back in the day, his mind was set that Gretchen was exactly like her mother — a troublemaker. This caused Jennifer to react, swearing off at the principal. Jennifer ended up sitting on the famous bench, while Maggie straightened it out with Mr. Whitehorn… just like it was 17 years ago. Maggie convinced the principal to let Gretchen’s suspension slide too.

Still wanting to get to the bottom of why her daughter was acting up, Jennifer sought the help of one of her ex-maids, who told her that snooping and following her daughter around would be the answer. So, like an amateur detective, Jennifer tracked her daughter at school and found her with a boy, just as they were going inside a room with the doors and windows closed. Turned out, this was a dark room, and Gretchen was processing photographs she took with the boy, Taylor, helping out. It was also Taylor who revealed that the car was vandalized by his ex-girlfriend, who was jealous now that he’s with Gretchen. This was the very same girl Gretchen got into a fight with in the first place, as the ex had been bullying Gretchen.

Jennifer was ashamed of the way she behaved, for assuming that her daughter was causing all these troubles. Wanting to apologize, she went to Gretchen’s room; but instead, she caught her daughter and Taylor on bed, nearly naked. Jennifer freaked out, and Gretchen calmed her down. The two had one of their heartfelt conversations afterwards, and Jennifer told her daughter about her fear that she might end up just like her, making the mistake of getting pregnant at a young age. Gretchen reassured her mom by saying, “I never want to be like you, Mom,” which actually was a relief to Jennifer.

Later, the Doyle girls — Maggie, Jennifer and Gretchen — went back to the school to see the project Gretchen had been working on. It was a beautiful photograph of the three of them together.

Meanwhile, Jennifer’s brother, Wayne (Ethan Suplee), and his wife, Stephanie (Nora Kirkpatrick), were trying to have a baby, with Wayne actively keeping track of his wife’s ovulation. When he thought that she was pregnant, the pregnancy test result turned negative. Unknown to Wayne, Stephanie had been taking birth control pills all along. What will happen once Wayne finds out about this?

And that’s the recap for “Jennifer Falls” Season 1 Episode 6 “School Trouble,” which aired on Wednesday, July 16, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. on TV Land. Follow this show’s updates only here at Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Tabitha Wilson



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