Jennifer Falls Recap: Season 1 Pilot Episode [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
Jennifer Falls Recap: Season 1 Pilot Episode [WATCH VIDEO]
Jaime Pressly at the Austin, TX premiere of I Love You, Man

“Jennifer Falls” Season 1 pilot episode aired on Wednesday, June 4, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. on TV Land. Jennifer got fired, moved in to her mother’s house along with Gretchen, and was now working at Wayne’s sports bar. Read on to learn more about “Jennifer Falls” Season 1 pilot episode.

Previously on “Jennifer Falls” (Season 1 pilot episode), Jennifer (Jamie Pressly) got fired by her boss, Dan (Jeffrey Tambor), because, according to him, she was too aggressive and arrogant. Jennifer reasoned that those were the qualities that could help a man get a promotion. Then again, Dan already made up his mind and told her that she has personality issues.

Jennifer and Gretchen (Dylan Gellula) loaded their stuff. She asked Maggie (Jessica Walter) if she was going to get drunk the whole time. Maggie’s answer was somehow affirmative. When Jennifer and Gretchen arrived, they were welcomed by a party thrown by Maggie. Wayne (Ethan Suplee) offered Jennifer to work at his bar.

In her new workplace, Jennifer had no choice but to wear a sexy referee uniform. She was now faced with frustration and disappointment. Stephanie (Nora Kirkpatrick) seemed to enjoy talking about Jennifer’s misfortunes. While working, Jennifer ran into Dina (Missi Pyle) who just recently had a divorce. However, unlike the joy of seeing friends you have not seen for quite some time, Dina was not happy to see Jennifer. Being successful made Jennifer forget the ties she had in the past. Moreover, she was not able to support Dina when she badly needed it. She had been a not-so-good friend to Dina, and Dina had been mad at her all along. The two eventually patched things up, not until Jennifer dove into Dina’s hood. Then Stephanie came in to remind Jennifer about the bar policy.

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