Jennifer Garner loves little BLUEPRINTS books for kids

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The 41-year-old Jennifer Garner who shares her two daughters, Violet and Seraphina and a son, Samuel with her husband, Ben Affleck has been reading up on her children’s books from the ‘Kids’ series little BLUEPRINT and has developed an appreciation and respect for how the narrative supports a child’s cognitive development.

Jennifer Garner and her family

The actress told People Magazine that she loves BLUEPRINT books because the respect of a child’s intelligence and their ability to work around things that can provide a challenge or they may be tough to deal with.

She went on to tell that the books allow to children to charge of their aspects of life including, their emotions, their sleep, and their bodies. She tells us that kids relate most to stories. So why not make the stories about them as they process their lives based on stories.

Jennifer stated: “I love little BLUEPRINT books because they respect kids ‘intelligence and ability to [work] through things that can be tough,”

The actress says that the books now dictate how stuff works around their household. After reading an edition on how to prepare for emergencies, the Garner-Affleck house hold now has a disaster plan.

Its very interesting to see how a simple book can influence someone’s life like. Well, kudos to Garner and her family for being well prepared and paying attention to something most of us just look over in our daily lives and showing no interest in it.

Source: BelfastTelegraph

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