Jennifer Lawrence Argues With Nicholas Hoult: Should Chris Martin Be Worried?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Jennifer Lawrence Argues With Nicholas Hoult: Should Chris Martin Be Worried?
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence may have moved on and started dating Chris Martin, but her ex Nicholas Hoult still cares about her, if sources are to be believed. The ex-couple were seen quarrelling at the Nobu restaurant in San Diego recently. Read on for more details.

While Lawrence is working towards a bright future with Martin, Hoult is still pining away for his old flame. Hoult had a yelling session with Lawrence at an exotic sushi restaurant in San Diego when Lawrence had reluctantly agreed to dine with him at the end of a long day at the San Diego Comic-Con.

An eye-witness at the Nobu restaurant in San Diego told the Youth Health Magazine that even though Lawrence arrived with Hoult at the Sushi Restaurant, the couple didn’t look like they were enjoying each other’s company. Lawrence looked clearly upset over something. She eventually got so upset with Hoult that “she threw her hands up in the air and yelled at him.”

The subject that had so agitated her was not very clear, but she looked very discomfited with the company she was keeping and made no qualms about making it known publicly. Hoult couldn’t contain his temper either and the two had a yelling match that lasted for a couple of minutes. Lawrence, who was by then, totally out of sorts, walked out of the restaurant in a huff, leaving Hoult to front the bill. Onlookers said that the heated discussion went to show that the two still had a hidden passionate urge towards each other.

It looks like Lawrence has a love triangle on her hands. She loves Martin, but her ex-beau, Hoult, will not let her go. Does Hoult still want her to come back to him? Or is it that they are so angry with their past that they can’t get along anymore? Only time can tell. Some were even quick to insinuate that this might just be an emotional stunt to get audiences’ attention for “X-Men Apocalypse.” But we wonder if JLaw would ever be so crude.

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