Jennifer Lawrence Character Katniss Everdeen To Die In The Arena: ‘Hunger Games’ Simulator

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Jennifer Lawrence Character Katniss Everdeen To Die In The Arena: ‘Hunger Games’ Simulator
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In every movie with a death defying challenge, do you end up wondering how far the characters live? Do you wonder if they will ever make it through the end of the movie or a film series? If so, then here we are, Jennifer Lawrence’s character Katniss Everdeen is set to die in the arena, according to a “Hunger Games” simulator.

Many movies based their story in comics, books and even game simulators and it seems like the “Hunger Games” saga will not just follow the book itself, but a game simulator and according to the simulator that looks to examine that how long a particular cast member of the film series could last in a real battle, and basing upon it, JLaw’s character, Katnis, would totally lose…big time.

According to Cinema Blend, late last year, developer Brant Steel had developed a program for imitating murdering-entertainment action game of the “Hunger Games.” Just like any other simulation games, you can use old picture—any picture into the simulation game and viola! You can see how long you can last.

Though this idea is brilliant, let’s just say that many got frustrated, especially when it was revealed that Katniss will not be the one who will walk away with victory.

In the simulation game, it was revealed that Katniss would survive for the mean time, but will eventually lose to Jena Malone in a fight.

Malone would not be the only one who will kill Katniss, but also by the hand of Josh Hutcherson’s character!

At the end of the simulation, the victor is Gwendoline Christie, who joins the franchise as Commander Lyne, leader of the rebellion in District 2.

On the other hand, fans should not worry because this game may or may not be like the upcoming movie, but don’t get your hopes up yet, as we can’t tell what will happen until we watch “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 2” on November 20.

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