Jennifer Lawrence Dislocates Toe; Was Excited To Finally Get Some Sleep

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Jennifer Lawrence Dislocates Toe; Was Excited To Finally Get Some Sleep
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence needs quite a lot of sleep. The actress of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 2” was interviewed by TV host Conan O’ Brien, which was aired on Thursday, November 19. Read on to know more details!

The actress told Brien how she injured her toe while being too excited for finally getting some time to sleep during her world tour.

Lawrence, 25, shared that it was quite tiring for her. The actress shared her fatigue with her host in a preview clip that was released before the complete show was aired. She said that she has been practically travelling all across the world for her movie’s promotional activities.

It was impossible for Jennifer Lawrence to get a proper night’s sleep in hotels as there were time differences almost everywhere.

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The night she injured her toe was the first night when she got a chance to sleep in many days. In fact, till then the best sleep she could get in her entire world tour was inside an aircraft.

The Oscar-winning actress shared this information while discussing her video on an iPhone, where she is seen to jump like a crazy person on a plane bed. It was for 12 hours and Lawrence managed to dislocate her toe. And how did that happen? Well! She dislocated it by hitting her own foot out of her sheer joy to get some much needed hours of sleep.

Jennifer Lawrence is still ailing from a purple toe after that incident. The actress has already earned a reputation for her mishaps in red carpet events. Stardom can be glamorous, but it can be also dangerous, as well as, thoroughly exhausting. One should ask the actress and there is little doubt that she would happily agree with this viewpoint.

Here is wishing her a speedy recovering and loads of luck for her upcoming movie. 

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Jennifer Lawrence

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