Jennifer Lawrence Explains How Does it Feel to Kiss Chris Pratt!

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Jennifer Lawrence Explains How Does it Feel to Kiss Chris Pratt!

Jennifer Lawrence has always been known for speaking her mind and looks like with each time she manages to outdo herself. She recently sat down to talk about her upcoming movie “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2” when she was asked about which co-star does she prefer kissing. Her answer was rather quirky.


According to Cinema Blend, while talking about her upcoming movie, Jennifer revealed how does it feel to work alongside her newer co-star Chris Pratt in their movie “Passengers.” She actually got down to talking about how it is to kiss Chris for their movie. According to “The Hunger Games” star she doesn’t really know Chris as well when compared to Liam and Josh, but it doesn’t feel like making out with a family member.

That was not the answer anyone would hope to hear but with this what Jennifer means is that Liam and Josh are more like her brothers, which would make it really difficult for fans to see the next time she kisses either one of them. She also mentioned that she isn’t against kissing a family member because she’s from Kentucky. Now Jennifer definitely meant this in a joking way because making a rather strange statement like this would be even too much for her.

Not to forget that both Josh and Liam’s characters are trying to woo Katniss in the movie so naturally with a statement like this, their love triangle would become really weird. “Passengers” will be the first time fans will see Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt together on-screen as they take a journey on a space ship, which is itself on a journey that will last for 120 years.

Unfortunately, for Chris’s character that wakes up about 90 years early, and after realizing what just went wrong he doesn’t want to die alone and, hence, wakes up Jennifer’s character too. They both fall in love during the voyage and that’s what forms the crux of the story.


Vanity Fair added the fun Jennifer Lawrence has been having on sets of “Passengers” with co-stars Chris Pratt and Aziz Anzari. They recently shot a short film called “Hi Guys” which was directed by Jennifer and which only shows Chris standing and Aziz swinging.

“Passengers” will release next year on 21st December.

Photo source: Facebook/Jennifer Lawrence

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